Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Entertainment District Arc - Episode 10 Review - Can Tanjiro Overcome Gyutaro?

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

This ep follows Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Entertainment District Arc - Episode 9, and the series just won’t take its foot off the gas!

At the end of the last ep, it looked like there was no way Tanjiro and the other Demon Slayers were going to win this.

Tanjiro thinks in his head. He apologizes to everyone, but especially his sister Nezuko, for failing them.

As he’s about to pass out, a vision of Nezuko tells him to stop apologizing. And it gives him the strength to get up again and fight!

Tanjiro notices the city around him has been completely destroyed and is burning. Nezuko is fine, but still sleeping in her box.

Before Tanjiro can make another move, Gyutaro appears right before him. He’s surprised Tanjiro is still alive. Then he berates Tanjiro for being pathetic. He toys with Tanjiro. Daki smiles at the scene from a rooftop.

Gyutaro points out how Inosuke was stabbed through the heart, Zenitsu is stuck under flaming debris unable to free himself despite struggling, and Uzui’s heart stopped because of Gyutaro’s poison.

Gyutaro says Tanjiro is a disgrace for letting his sister protect him instead of the other way around, just as he breaks two of Tanjiro’s fingers!

All Tanjiro can do is run away with Nezuko in his hands, but Gyutaro doesn’t let him get far. He kicks Tanjiro into flaming debris. But Tanjiro gets back up and continues to run.

Gyutaro actually likes how pathetic Tanjiro is and offers to make him a demon. Daki doesn’t like the idea.

Then Tanjiro headbutts him, but that was just a distraction from the kunai Tanjiro stabbed in Gyutaro’s leg! He wasn’t running away, he was running toward the kunai! 

Tanjiro uses Hinokami Kagura to slash into Gyutaro’s neck but he can’t cut through. Daki almost uses her obi to stop him, but Zenitsu stops her with his lightning reflexes! He uses Thunderclap and Flash Godlike Speed to sever her head but it also refuses to come off! 

Gyutaro finally recovers and repels Tanjiro’s blade. Tanjiro refuses to give up! Who should come to his rescue but Uzui! Fighting with one hand! Uzui was able to stop the poison from circulating in his body! Uzui is able to counter all of Gyutaro’s moves with a Musical Score Technique!

Their clash creates explosions throughout the area.

Uzui doesn’t stop despite being slashed up. Tanjiro comes in to help finish Gyutaro off, but Gyutaro stabs him through the freaking jaw! And yet Tanjiro doesn’t give up either! His scar transforms and he seems to change into another mode!

Zenitsu almost loses momentum, about to fail chopping off Daki’s head. But Inosuke comes out of nowhere. He was able to move his heart out of the way of being impaled! He adds his blades in the opposite direction of Zentisu, and FINALLY, they are able to cut the obi holding her head to her body!

In a flashy display, Gyutaro and Daki both lose their heads. And they roll next to each other on the floor, defeated. Assholes. 

Hinatsuru, Suma and Makio watch the scene and cheer for joy! But Hinatsuru senses something is wrong.

Tanjiro tries to deal with the poison in his blood with his breathing technique. He can’t hear that Uzui is saying it isn’t over yet! Then Gyutaro’s body explodes like a nuclear bomb, right next to them!

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