Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Entertainment District Arc - Episode 9 - Gyutaro Badly Injures the Demon Slayers

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Entertainment District Arc - Episode 8, we get another episode filled with god-tier level animation!

Picking up right where the last ep left off, Gyutaro looks like he’s finally about to be killed. His legs have been cut off, he’s been poisoned by Hinatsuru’s kunai, and both Uzui and Tanjiro are just millimeters away from chopping off his head! But as we saw in the last ep, that bastard smiles. And now we know why. Gyutaro nullifies the poison instantly, and regenerates his legs instantly.

Before this happens, we get a flashback of Uzui, Hinatsuru, Suma and Makio honoring the Uzui family members who have died. They have a picnic, and Hinatsuru and Uzui share a sweet moment with a cherry blossom leaf. His other two wives get jealous from this. But the whole thing feels like a red flag that at least one of these characters is going to die in the Entertainment District Arc.

Back in the present, Gyutaro activates a new deadly move where he doesn’t even have to swing his arms to create dangerous slices with his scythes. The move is called Rotating Circular Slashes Flying Blood Scythes. Once again, Uzui saves Tanjiro by kicking him out of the way of the attack. He also counters the attack by using Sound Breathing Fourth Form Constant Resounding Slashes.

Then Gyutaro dashes to Hinatsuru. Uzui can’t save her in time. Tanjiro wants to get her with Hinokami Kagura but he’s out of stamina. Then he gets the brilliant idea to combine Hinokami Kagura with Water Breathing, and he’s able to rescue her in the nick of time and chop off Gyutaro’s arm! He’s that fast! Even Gyutaro is shocked!

While Gyutaro is distracted trying to kill Tanjiro, Uzui sneaks up on Gyutaro. But they still can’t decapitate him, and his scythes start infesting/poisoning Tanjiro’s and Uzui’s swords. Uzui is able to break off Gyutaro before he harms Tanjiro. 

Meanwhile, Inosuke and Zenitsu have their hands full defending and dodging against Daki. So Tanjiro leaves Gyutaro to Uzui and helps them instead. And Hinatsuru leaves to a safe location. 

Tanjiro, Inosuke, and Zenitsu coordinate their special attacks to break through Daki’s obi strands. Beast Breathing Eighth Form Explosive Rush. Water Breathing Third Form Flowing Dance. Thunder Breathing First Form Thunderclap and Flash. All of these were used to get to Daki.

Inosuke tries to cut off Daki’s neck with both his swords, but she blocks with her arms. But Inosuke’s not done yet! He uses Sixth Form Palisade Bite, and saws off the bitch’s head. Finally! Inosuke catches the head and runs away with it like a football, so that she can’t reattach to her body. She gets weaker the farther she gets away from her body. 

But just when it seems we can finally celebrate, Gyutaro stabs Inosuke through the chest, from behind! And Tanjiro sees Uzui knocked out with his hand cut off! Things look dire now. Dammit!

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