Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Entertainment District Arc - Episode 11 - The Origin of Daki and Gyutaro

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Entertainment District Arc - Episode 10, we finally reach Episode 11, the season finale! Tanjiro, Inosuke, Zenitsu and Uzui finally cut off the heads of Daki and Gyutaro. But then Gyutaro’s poisonous body explodes!

Tanjiro wakes up. The area is in complete ruins. An adorable baby-sized, dot-eyed Nezuko is fine and by his side. Tanjiro’s surprised there’s no poison in his body. He wants to look around to see if the others survived, but his body is completely worn out and he can’t move. So baby-sized Nezuko picks him up and carries him on her back. It’s too cute!

Tanjiro finds Zentisu at first. His body hurts but he’s the least injured. He’s in woke mode again and he’s crying like a baby as usual. Zenitsu says he can faintly hear Inosuke’s heart still beating, but growing fainter. Poison is running through Inosuke’s chest. Luckily, Nezuko burns the poison away! It was her power that got rid of Tanjiro’s poison earlier! So Inosuke gets up, too.

Close by, Suma cries loudly next to Uzui because Uzui is about to die. She’s so loud while arguing with Makio that Uzui doesn’t even get to say his last words before death! Then Nezuko appears out of nowhere next to Hinatsuru. The three wives don’t know who she is.

Nezuko lights up Uzui in her pink flame. Suma thinks she’s some stranger cremating him. But soon, Uzui gets up, healed! Of course, all his wives embrace him and cry tears of joy.

Tanjiro is able to collect a sample of Upper Rank demon blood. A summoned cat takes it to Tamayo.

Tanjiro then finds Daki’s and Gyutaro’s heads. They’re fighting with each other blaming one another for losing. Gyutaro makes Daki cry, but Tanjiro covers his mouth. He says that’s just a lie. And they should get along, because in the whole world they only have each other left. Then Daki cries and turns to ash. 

As Gyutaro does the same, he remembers their human past. He was a weak and ugly child in the poorest part of the Entertainment District. His mom even tried to kill him a few times. Everyone hated him. But then his sister Ume was born. And she was absolutely beautiful. She was his pride.

Gyutaro grew up a bit and found he was good at violence, so he became a debt collector. Everyone feared him.

But when Ume was 13, he came home to find his sister had been burned alive by a customer she stabbed in the eye. And his female master betrayed him and had him slashed to death by that guy. But Gyutaro survived and killed both of those bastards.

Gyutaro and Ume were about to die when they ran into Doma, the Upper Six Rank demon at the time. He turned them into demons.

Back in the present, Gyutaro thinks life might have been happier for Ume if it weren’t for him.

Now, both dead, the path to either heaven or hell lay before them. Gyutaro barks at Ume saying he doesn’t want her around anymore. He heads off to hell. But Ume cries and and begs that they stay together. So he carries her on his back and they go to hell together.

Iguro shows up and rudely praises Uzui for defeating Upper Rank demons. Uzui tells him he’s retiring. That Tanjiro and his gang will be able to take his place. Because they were the ones who helped kill the Upper Six and survived.

Master Ubayashiki gets the news and rejoices that an Upper Rank demon has finally died. Elsewhere, Akaza is shocked to learn that same fact.

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