Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Entertainment District Arc - Episode 4 Review - Tanjiro Must Fight Daki Alone

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  • Warning: Spoilers ahead.

    This ep follows Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Entertainment District Arc - Episode 3. It begins with Koinatsu Oiran talking to her two… servant girls? They’re really cute twins, but we don’t even get their names. Tanjiro is outside the room eavesdropping, he can tell they have a sweet relationship.

    At the Kyogoku House, a servant tells the house master that Zenko has disappeared. She’s worried. The house master says it’s Ashinuke. He lies and says Omitsu, the woman that Daki killed in the last ep, also committed Ashinuke. She yells at the servant to forget about those two. Saying it’s their fault for bothering Warabihime Oiran.

    Tanjiro and Inosuke rendezvous on top of a roof. Inosuke says he definitely saw a demon crawling at his Ogimoto HouseUzui appears out of nowhere and orders the two to leave town. He fears Zenitsu and his wives have been taken by an Upper Rank demon. In which case, Tanjiro and Inosuke are out of their league. Tanjiro tries to persuade him to let them continue the mission, but Uzui won’t hear it. And leaves, in a flash!

    Tanjiro thinks they were dismissed because they were the lowest rank. But Inosuke points out that they moved up three ranks to Kanoe Rank. There’s a way to check the marking of the current rank on your hand. Somehow, Inosuke knew this and Tanjiro didn’t! How unexpected!

    Anyways, Tanjiro says he has to go back and finish investigating Tokito House before joining up with Inosuke again before evening falls.

    Back at Tokito House, the twin servant girls are given fancy hair pins by Koinatsu. At this point, I was worried Koinatsu was secretly a demon, because she just seemed too perfect. But thankfully, she’s human.

    Tanjiro leaves his compensation for room and board for her to give the House Master. He reveals he’s a boy. And she says she already knew, it was obvious! She also says the next day she’s leaving the house to get married. She’s happy Tanjiro/Sumi will save the missing girls, including Suma, and protect the house. So Tanjiro says farewell to her.

    But right after he leaves, the bitch Daki appears. She terrifies Koinatsu, and wraps her up with her belt. Which I thought was ribbon before. Daki wants to eat Koinatsu, because she’s beautiful.

    Inosuke grows impatient waiting for Tanjiro. He summons two ninju… muscle-bound mice who work for Uzui. They give Inosuke his weapons and boar mask. They might be the cutest, most ridiculous thing I’ve seen in this series yet!

    Elsewhere, Uzui interrogates the Kyogoku House master by holding a weapon to his throat. The master says the suspect is Warabihime.

    Running on the roof, Tanjiro catches Daki’s scent. He goes back to Koinatsu’s room. Koinatsu is somehow being devoured by Warabihime’s belt. That’s how she moves around easily - she can change into a belt and get through cracks in walls. And suck people into her belt.

    Tanjiro is knocked back by Daki. He’s scared of her strength and speed at first, but steels his resolve. He cuts the belt off at one point and the belt bleeds. The piece that fell off has Koinatsu’s image. Hope she’s okay!

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