Dream Relationships: Let's Ship Rimuru Tempest and Milim Nava

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There are many waifu characters in That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, which means there are many potential love pairings for the main character, Rimuru Tempest. Let’s examine the possible romantic relationship between Rimuru-sama and Demon Lord Milim Nava. In other words, let’s ship them!

Milim first meets Rimuru in Episode 16 of Season 1. She zooms off to Tempest nation for the first time right after a chat with Lord Clayman. It seems she didn’t really put much thought or subtlety into her first meeting. In an instant, she lands in front of Rimuru, destroying a huge section of ground beneath her.

We know that if it came down to a fight, with Rimuru’s current abilities, he would lose against Milim! In the battle against Charybdis, Rimuru’s attacks hardly faze the beast. But when Milim uses her “Drago Buster” skill, she’s able to destroy the beast with one hit! And that wasn’t even the full use of her power, she was holding back because Rimuru commanded it! Milim is most likely one of the most powerful beings in the world.

But she’s certainly not the most clever. That’s why Rimuru was easily able to bribe and blackmail her to join his side as an ally. Initially, all it took was a little bit of honey to convince Milim to submit to Rimuru. And after this, Milim announced that she and Rimuru were besties, best friends. This proves she trusts Rimuru.

But besides some playful hugging and squeezing of Rimuru in his slime form, there hasn’t been much in the way of romantic fan service between the two characters. The relationship we get to see is more like a father and his daughter. Milim is thousands of years old but acts like a child, and Rimuru disciplines her like one. Again, this is really funny, since Mililm could totally destroy Rimuru if she wanted. All in all, there’s a sweet innocence to their relationship.

When Rimuru asks Milim why she became a Demon Lord, she doesn't give much of an answer. It’s possible she forgot because it was some sort of trauma. At this point in the anime, we haven’t learned about her past yet.

I’m betting we’ll see Milim in future episodes, and learn about her past. I predict Rimuru will help resolve something for her and she’ll grow as a character. And that growth might mean she grows more mature. At that point, a more romantic connection between Rimuru and Milim might be teased. But she’s so lovable to fans as the energetic, naive loli Demon Lord, that she probably won’t change too much.

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