Episode 9 Review - Tiger Searches for Bunny's Attacker - Bunny Is Seriously Injured in the Hospital

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following Tiger & Bunny 2 - Episode 8, Bunny falls to the ground after being blasted away by an explosion. Fugan and Mugan see this on HeroTV and call him weak.

Later, Agnes reports what they know. The suspect is a NEXT named Vincent Carl. He can touch objects and make them explode.

During the museum fire, Bunny separated from Tiger to save a woman. The woman touched an artifact which Vincent rigged to blow up. In a split second move, Tiger picked up the artifact to get it outside, but his NEXT powers stopped protecting him right when the object blew. Vincent got away.

The Stern Bild heroes visit Bunny in the hospital. He’s unconscious, and they have no idea when he’ll wake up.

Tiger puts on a brave, cheerful face for the others. The veteran heroes know he’s doing this to calm them and make them feel better. The truth is, he’s really worried. And goes around the crime scene trying to investigate the criminal.

A little later, the heroes save people during a monorail accident. Thomas even shows up, but works alone during the crisis. 

After this, Kotetsu goes to visit Barnaby alone. He continues to visit Bunny as much as possible. 

Meanwhile, Mattia is also in the hospital after experimenting on himself too much. His director tells him their funding was taken away.

The next day, Tiger is reprimanded by Yuri and Agnes for investigating the criminal. Investigation is the police’s job, not heroes. So Tiger says he’ll continue to search, just not as a hero.

Yuri uses this as an example of the Buddy System not working. Partners get too close to one another and their judgment can be clouded when concerning something that has to do with their partner. We’ve seen it throughout this season.

Meanwhile, Thomas still says he doesn’t trust anyone, including Mr. Black. And they fight about it.

Elsewhere, Brahe meets with Sigourney Rosicky, both Rank 2 in Ouroboros. It’s Sigourney who was funding Mattia’s research. The lab director accidentally experiments on himself and discovers they have created a booster for NEXT powers. Sigourney offers to give this drug to Brahe to help his hero hunt.

Back to Tiger. He’s continuing his investigation work. His daughter Kaede calls because she’s worried about him. She’s understanding what being a hero would really mean.

Then Agnes contacts everyone. Witnesses have spotted Vincent doing another robbery. Tiger finds him and beats him. But Vincent is able to use a woman as a decoy to get away.

While Vincent is running, he’s caught by Mugan and Fugan. They beat Vincent easily and string him up to be found. They want to play around with the heroes and make them wonder what happened.

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