Tiger & Bunny 2 - Episode 8 Review - Thomas Has Trust Issues

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following Tiger & Bunny 2 - Episode 7, the ep begins with Mr. Black chasing a criminal. As usual, Mr. Black and He Is Thomas start having an argument. The distraction gives the criminal enough time to shoot his gun at them. But the criminal ends up shooting an innocent woman instead who is watching the confrontation.

For some reason (which we found out later in this ep), this triggers Thomas. Thomas starts massacring the criminal with his fists. HeroTV has to cut the feed. But the public is already outraged with his behavior.

Both Mr. Black (Subaru) and Thomas have to explain themselves to Judge Yuri Petrov. Petrov asks if his reaction was influenced by something that happened to his sister 8 years ago, but Thomas denies it, and cuts off Petrov from finishing.

Later, while Tiger, Bunny, Subaru and Thomas are alone together, Subaru asks what happened to his sister. He refuses to talk about it, and says that he doesn’t trust anyone. Including Mr. Black, his buddy. He’s willing to leave to do hero work in another city if he has to. 

In a call between Bunny and Mattia, Bunny says he can relate to how Thomas is feeling. But he doesn’t know how to help him, what to say. Mattia suggests he doesn’t need to say anything. His actions would be enough.

Some tabloid article with a click-bait title comes out that makes it sound like Thomas is going to be fired. So Subaru, Kotetsu, and Barnaby are worried that Thomas will see that article and think his firing is true. 
So they worry.

They check in with his and Mr. Black’s manager. She tell the story from Thomas’ past. 

Basically, Thomas’ parents died leaving him and his sister orphaned. The orphanage manager lied to them, supposedly for his sister’s sake. So Thomas took her and the two ran away. They lived in the slums and were harmed by criminals, who also lied to Thomas. These were the moments that caused Thomas’ trust issues. His sister was shot in the leg by the criminal, just like that woman from today’s incident.

Meanwhile, Thomas visits the Hero Museum and runs into the creepy duo Mugan and Fugan. Luckily they don’t fight Thomas. At this point.

As Thomas leaves the museum, he runs into an older couple. The man in the couple is sick and needs his medicine. He needs to be taken home. So Thomas brings them home.

The couple are grateful and seem super nice. So they make dinner for Thomas. They have a great time and Thomas has a touching conversation with the wife.

Then Thomas spots the heroes on TV, talking about teamwork. They’re holding balls, sending a message by Morse Code. It’s a message for Thomas to get, to secretly show they support him. Without saying it in words for the public to hear and get mad about.

Thomas is about to rejoin his teammates. Then he realizes he’s been poisoned by that bastard couple! Turns out they’re scum who wanted to use his fingerprints to cover up robbing the house they were in. 

Thomas beats the shit out of them. And again, feels betrayed. So his trust goes out the window.

Last thing we see is Bunny getting blown away by an explosion during some team mission.

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