Tiger & Bunny 2 - Episode 7 Review - Tiger Is Visited by His Daughter, Kaede

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following ​​Tiger & Bunny 2 - Episode 6, this ep focuses on Kotetsu and Barnaby. Finally. Tiger and Bunny finish their work day and plan to have drinks together after taking rainchecks on it so many times. Tiger stops by his house to get his wallet but is surprised when he finds his daughter Kaede and her friend Saroja there. Kaede has grown up a bit since the first season.

So Kaede and Saroja explain what they’re doing there. They got an assignment at school where they have to work with their parents to learn about “work and reward.” So Kaede asks if her father can give them a tour of his company building. Kotetsu is happy to learn that his daughter is proud of his work and is happy to help. But he needs to get approval from his boss the next day.

Anyways, this unexpected visit from Kaede prompts Tiger to call up his mom, and check on her and his brother, who has a family of his own. Kaede lives with his mom and her brother. She says everything is fine, basically,  but to spoil Kaede while she’s there with him. Because they rarely get to see each other. So he does just that.

Meanwhile, Bunny goes to have dinner with Mattia again since he is no longer drinking with Tiger. And Mattia secretly throws up in the bathroom. Like I said before, this scientist guy is working on drugs so you know something bad is happening with him. That’s just a cliche thing that happens.

The next day, Tiger sulks in front of Blue Rose, Golden Ryan and Bunny because his request to give the girls a tour was not approved. Blue Rose later mentions to Golden Ryan that Kaede’s behavior has been a little strange.

Later, Kotetsu visits a bunch of kids while in his Tiger gear. Judge Yuri Petrov (secretly Lunatic) gives a law lesson to the kids. And we’re reminded that Tiger plans to catch Lunatic for the crime of murder when the chance arises.

Meanwhile, Bunny decides to bring the girls to Mattia so that Mattia can give them a tour of his job. I don’t remember Kotetsu ever agreeing to this, but sure. Why not. During the tour, Saroja confesses that she’s a NEXT but doesn’t like it because other kids pick on her for her gross power. Mattia tells her he’s hopeful that his new drug will make more people into NEXT, so that she doesn’t face that kind of descrimination anymore.

Anyways, Bunny brings the girls back to Kotetsu’s house. The girls try to lie about their plans for the night and get caught. So Kaede confesses that visiting to do the essay was just a cover. The truth is, she and Saroja wanted to look into a Super Hero Academy info session. But Kotestu tells her being a hero is dangerous and that they should talk about it. Kaede in return lashes out, saying he rarely talks to her, and neglects her. Then she and Saroja run off.

It’s a tough situation for Tiger. He calls his brother for advice. And finds out that his mother always gets worried about him fighting crime when watching Hero TV. She let him be a hero but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t worry.

Meanwhile, Bunny finds the girls and talks to Kaede. Kaede does feel bad about lying. But before they can resolve that, a truck accidentally hits a construction building because a kid ran in front of it! Bunny is busy using his powers to protect people from debris. Some other guys are falling off the building and need saving. So Kaede copies Saroja’s power to become a balloon and float to them. Her power gets overwritten by one of the workers, and they all fall, almost to their deaths. But Tiger makes it in time to catch them!

Eventually, Kaede and Tiger have their talk. He wants to support her dream to become a hero, but he can’t give a yes yet because it’s dangerous. He has to think about how to say this to her. So she agrees to give him time. 

Elsewhere, Mattia is pressured to get results by his director because they’ll lose funding soon if he doesn’t. So he keeps dangerously experimenting on himself. And Brahe, Fugan and Mugan land in Stern Bild.

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