Tiger & Bunny 2 - Episode 6 Review - Magical Cat's Mom Doesn't Trust Dragon Kid

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following Tiger & Bunny 2 - Episode 5, this ep puts the spotlight on the buddy duo Dragon Kid and Magical Cat. Everything seems fine between them at first. Blue Rose and Fire Emblem note that Dragon Kid is doing her best to be a great senpai to her kohai. 

But then we see Magical Cat at home. And she has one of those typical bad moms who push too far. Who project their lives onto their children to make up for the problems of their past. Turns out Magical Cat’s mother was good at tennis before, but she feels betrayed by her partner. So she believes Magical Cat’s partner, Dragon Kid, also can’t be trusted. She instructs Magical Cat to disregard what Dragon Kid orders, to get the spotlight more herself.

Anyways, Barnaby has dinner with his childhood friend, Mattia. It goes well. Seems Mattia is working on a drug that’s supposed to save people. Bunny is his inspiration to keep working hard. Anything this positive is definitely going to have a plot twist, like the drug is actually evil or something. But we’ll see more of that in future eps.

Back to Dragon Kid and Magical Cat. A robbery happens, where fire is set by them to distract the heroes. Magical Cat is able to use her water powers to put out the fire. She then wants to go after the criminals, but Dragon Kid orders her to stick with the civilians and save them.

So Magical Cat disobeys and chases after the robbers. The robber has a gun and she gets scared. Her powers don’t work. She even trips and falls off the building, getting banged up a bit. Luckily Tiger got there just in time to catch her. Bunny also assists in catching the robbers.

Magical Cat has to stay at the hospital a bit. The heroes come to visit her. That’s when they run into Magical Cat’s bitchy mother. She straight up tells Dragon Kid it’s her fault this happened to Magical Cat. So she tells Dragon Kid to just be back up to her daughter. But Dragon Kid straight up refuses the mom. Ballsy.

Dragon Kid and Magical Cat go back training as usual, but Magical Cat secretly plans to disregard her senpai’s orders again if the chance arises. And it does.

This time an attack is made by the arsonist Bruno Blaze, who uses flame throwers. Again, Magical Cat goes off to fight him on her own when Dragon Kid tells her not to.

Magical Cat freezes up again in fear. Dragon Kid gets there in the nick of time to save her from Blaze’s attack. Dragon Kid confesses that she knew Magical Cat’s powers are less potent when she gets afraid. She hoped to step back and let her get over it by herself because… she was afraid she’d get embarrassed or some crap like that. 

Anyways, with Tiger and Bunny backing them up, Magical Cat is able to find the confidence needed to use a powerful attack on Blaze and knock him out. It was Dragon Kid’s faith in her partner that gave her the courage.

So that’s it, right? All resolved. Nope. Magical Cat goes back home to her mother who’s still an untrusting bitch. Who still tells her daughter not to trust Dragon Kid, despite Magical Cat disagreeing with her a little. In the end, it looks like Magical Cat still kowtows to her mother’s wishes and authority. Lame.

Elsewhere, Fugan and Mugan are instructed by Brahe to go to Stern Bild to defeat the last 12 heroes they need.

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