Tiger & Bunny 2 - Episode 5 Review - Origami Cyclone Is Upset with Rock Bison

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following Tiger & Bunny 2 - Episode 4, this ep focuses on Rock Bison and Origami Cyclone. Unlike the previous episodes, this isn’t a case of one hero imagining a problem with a buddy that doesn’t really exist. This time, there really is a problem. FINALLY.

Rock Bison confides in Tiger that he thinks the Rock Bison x Origami Cyclone duo will break up. That’s because while drinking one night, Rock Bison made a comment about Origami’s name. He said Origami is more like a soft breeze than a Cyclone. He didn’t mean anything negative by it, but Origami Cyclone was still offended.

Rock Bison could tell Origami was pissed, so he apologized. But Origami was still pissed after that.

All the Stern Bild heroes go to the Hero Festival. At the festival, Bison and Origami work together just fine. In front of the public. But when the event ends, Origami leaves early. He avoids Bison.

Also, a red-headed friend named Mattia from Barnaby’s childhood reunites with him at the meet-and-greet. More on that later.

Bunny follows Origami to have a chat with him. He gets stuck saying hello to fans for a bit, but they finally have a one-on-one. Where Origami details his origin. As a kid, other children outcast him for being a NEXT. But one day during a typhoon, he was able to shapeshift into his class’ teacher, to calm the kids. It’s a very important memory for him. So it bothers him that Bison apologized without even knowing why the name Cyclone mattered so much to him. And now, he feels awkward trying to share this with Bison.

Origami basically asks Bunny to help him do so. Since Bunny is so much better with people. 

The next day in the gym, Bunny, Tiger and Rock Bison talk. Now Rock Bison understands why Origami was so upset. The three try to figure out how best Bison should apologize now, but he can’t just do it straight up because it would again be awkward. Mr. Black overhears and decides to butt in to solve the problem.

Mr. Black tries to compliment Origami’s name, but everything he says is just fuel for the fire, making Origami even angrier. Bonehead Mr. Black.

Then a hostage situation happens at a bank. Bison and Origami use their powers and work together well to stop it and save the people successfully. And their trust is rebuilt.

With the problem resolved, Bunny goes to have dinner with Mattia.

Meanwhile, the creepy villain duo report to Brahe that they’ve defeated 20 heroes so far.

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