Tiger & Bunny 2 - Episode 3 and 4 Review - Blue Rose x Golden Ryan, Sky High x Fire Emblem

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Episode 3
Following Tiger & Bunny 2 - Episode 2, this ep puts Blue Rose AKA Karina Lyle and Golden Ryan AKA Ryan Goldsmith in the spotlight. And it’s pretty funny overall.

It begins with the two arguing a lot. Ryan comes off as pretty arrogant. Karina gets fed up and says she wishes she had a different buddy. But saying that actually cuts at Ryan.

Blue Rose asks Kotetsu out to coffee where she asks him a private favor. She got a fan letter from an elementary school girl who is sick asking Blue Rose to visit. She wants Tiger to come too because Tiger is the girl’s second favorite hero. But they don’t know Golden Ryan is spying on their chat outside their window because he’s so insecure.

He meets up with Barnaby and shows him a pic of Blue Rose and Tiger together. He tells Barnaby that those two are planning to become a Buddy Duo, so naturally, Golden Ryan and Bunny will be left as a new duo as well. Barnaby thinks Ryan is jumping to conclusions, and says there’s not enough proof.

But Bunny does notice that it’s true Tiger seems to be hiding something from him.

Ryan spies again and brings video proof from the gym, but Rock Bison’s grunts cover up most of the audio. So the only words that are heard by Tiger and Blue Rose again make him think they’re going to team up.

Meanwhile, the creepy villain duo beat up heroes in Ryan’s hometown. Ryan doesn’t really care. The rest of Stern Bild’s heroes learn that Ryan was betrayed by his partner heroes in the past, so that’s why he’s so insecure and suspicious.

The next day, Blue Rose and Tiger go to meet the fan. The fan is actually a creepy stalker of Blue Rose with NEXT powers, introduced in the previous season. He just set up this little girl story to sneak up and hug Blue Rose! It almost works but Tiger foils the stalker’s plan. Then Ryan and Barnaby storm in. Ryan accuses them of teaming up and betraying him. But Karina denies it and asks Ryan to use his powers. Doing so helps them catch the stalker.

Then Blue Rose clears everything up with Golden Ryan, and all is forgiven.

Episode 4
The spotlight focuses on Sky High and Fire Emblem as they sort out another Buddy Duo problem. I’m sensing a pattern here.

Anyways, it starts off with Tiger finally realizing that the #1 Buddy Duo isn’t him and Bunny, it’s Sky High and Fire Emblem. And he notices how good those two are at mentoring the other Buddy Duos.

But Fire Emblem comes to Tiger and Bunny for advice. Seems he feels Sky High is too perfect. And it’s stressing him out to keep up with him and be perfect, too. Then the three notice that their conversation has been overheard by Sky High walking in. So now Fire Emblem feels even worse!

After this, it seems like Sky High is avoiding Fire Emblem. Fire Emblem gets really worried.

At a fan event attended by Sky High, Fire Emblem, Tiger, Bunny, Mr. Black and Thomas, the poorly made building starts to collapse, endangering many people. The heroes are able to work together and save everyone.

Then Sky High confesses to Fire Emblem that he wasn’t hurt about what Fire Emblem said. He was taking time away from Fire Emblem to figure out the best way to talk it out with him. So all is cleared up.

In the epilogue, the creepy villain duo meet with someone named Brahe.

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