Fall Anime “Fall’s Appetite”♪ “Maiko House”, “Restaurant to Another World 2”, “Taisho Otome Fairy Tale” 3 Works that will make you hungry!

Fall season is almost here as the summer heat is relieving.

When we talk about fall, there are various themes, such as "Artistic Fall" and "Sports Fall", but let's not forget about "Fall's Appetite".

This article will introduce the anime that can be enjoyed during "Fall's Appetite".

Kiyo in Kyoto: From the Maiko House

"Kiyo in Kyoto: From the Maiko House" is based on the same-name manga by Koyama Aiko that is serialized on "Weekly Shounen Sunday" and it got an award on the "65th Shogakukan Manga Award, Shounen Category" in 2019.

The story takes place in the red-light district in the middle of Kyoto.

Kiyo and Sumire arrived in Kyoto from Aomori as they dreamed to become a Maiko, but due to certain circumstances, Kiyo become a "work-in cook" at the Maiko House.

It depicts the warm daily life via the delicious meal of Kiyo, who is in charge of the daily meal of the Maiko, Sumire, who is highly expected from others as the "once-in-a-century" Maiko, and the other Maiko that both of them live together with.

The anime was broadcast on the Japanese service "NHK World Japan" for overseas viewers in February 2021, and it features Hanazawa Kana (voice of Kiyo), M・A・O (voice of Sumire), Takayama Minami, Matsuda Satsumi, Katakai Kaoru, Koyama Rikiya, and others.

The broadcast on NHK Education TV will have a brand new opening animation with the opening theme handled by the Kyoto singer-songwriter Tsuji Aya.

Do check out the gorgeous red-light district and its backstage as well as the meal prepared by Kiyo. 

Restaurant to Another World 2

"Restaurant to Another World" is based on the fantasy another world "Meshi Tero (Lit. Food Terrorism)" a light novel written by Inuzuka Junpei and illustrated by Enami Katsumi.

The story takes place in the "Western Restaurant Nekoya" that creates a doorway that connects to various other worlds during the "Special Business" on every Saturday, even though it seems an ordinary restaurant that can be found anywhere in Japan at first glance.

It depicts the once-in-a-lifetime encounter between the meals and the guests from "another world", who came through the doorway and leave after enjoyed the delicious meal.

Season 1 of the TV anime was broadcast from July 2017 to September 2017. In the highly expected season 2, Suwabe Junichi is the voice of the Tenshu, Uesaka Sumire is the voice of Aletta, Oonishi Saori is the voice of Kuro, Yasuno Kiyono is the voice of Sarah, and Touyama Nao is the voice of the new character, Hilda.

Up until now, the meals, such as "Fried Shrimp", "Meat Sauce", "Pork Cutlets Don", "Curry Rice", "Hamburg Seak", "Crepe", and "Croquette", have surprised the various races of another world, but do look forward to the meals that will appear in season 2.

Taisho Otome Fairy Tale

"Taisho Otome Fairy Tale" is based on the Taisho Nostalgic Love Story "Taisho Otome Fairy Tale" by Kirioka Sana, that was serialized on "Jump SQ." from 2015 to 2017, and got 7th place in "Tsugi ni Kuru Manga Taisho 2017" as well as 5th place in "That Manga that You Wish to have Anime Adaptation 2018".

The story takes place in the Taisho period. Shima Tamahiko was born in a rich family and grow up without having any problem. However, due to an accident, he loses his mother, crippling his right hand, and lose the expectation of his father.

His father used the excuse of recuperation to get rid of Tamahiko by sending him to the countryside and he became a pessimist that was hated by the world. However, on a certain day, Tachibana Yuzuki, who is the "wife" of Tamahiko that his father bought with money, comes and takes care of him.

At first, Tamahiko views Yuzuki as an annoying person, but he slowly opens his heart due to her smile, kindness, and delicious meals...

For the anime, it featured Kobayashi Yuusuke (voice of Shima Tamahiko), Aizawa Saya (voice of Tachibana Yuzuki), Miyamoto Yume, Anzai Chika, Itou Ayase, and Toki Junichi.

Currently, the spin-off manga "Taisho Otome Fairy Tale: A Pessimist's Dining Table" that focuses on the "Dining Table" of this work, by the original author is being serialized on "Shounen Jump+". For those who can't wait for the anime broadcast, why don't you take this chance to take a peek at the scenery of the dining table of Tamahiko and Yuzuki?

(C) Koyama Aiko, Shogakukan/ NHK, NEP

(C) Inuzuka Junpei, Shufunotomo Infos/ "Restaurant to Another World 2" Production Committee

(C) Kirioka Sana/ Shueisha, Taisho Otome Fairy Tale Production Committee

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