Fall Anime “Restaurant to Another World” What did the female mercenary Hilda saw at the den when she is defeating the goblins… Sneak peek of episode 1

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The outline and sneak peek of episode 1 "Cheesecake/ Breakfast Again" of the fall anime "Restaurant to Another World 2" (Broadcast date on October 2, 2021) have been revealed.

"Restaurant to Another World" is based on the fantasy another world "Meshi Tero (Lit. Food Terrorism)" a light novel written by Inuzuka Junpei and illustrated by Enami Katsumi.

The story takes place in the "Western Restaurant Nekoya" that creates a doorway that connects to various other worlds during the "Special Business" on every Saturday, even though it seems an ordinary restaurant that can be found anywhere in Japan at first glance, and it depicts the once-in-a-lifetime encounter between the "resident of another world" and the meals. The TV anime season 1 was broadcast in 2017.

Episode 1 consists of two different stories, "Cheesecake" and "Breakfast Again".

For "Cheesecake", the female mercenary, who took on the request to defeat the goblins, found a huge door at their dens. After going through the door, she wanders into the mysterious restaurant "Another World's Restaurant"...

For "Breakfast Again", after finish her work at Nekoya, Aletta went back to the home, where she works as a live-in housekeeper for Sarah, with some souvenirs. Then, she found Sarah sleeping on the desk as she got tired from her research, and Aletta is thinking to thank her...

The broadcast date of episode 1 "Cheesecake/ Breakfast Again" of "Restaurant to Another World 2" is on October 2 (Saturday), on TV Tokyo, TV Osaka, AT-X, and other channels.


Broadcast starts on October 2, 2021, on TV Tokyo, TV Osaka, AT-X, and other channels!

TV Tokyo: From October 2, every Saturday, at 1:23 AM~ (First broadcast start at 1:38 AM) 

TV Osaka: From October 2, every Saturday, at 2:55 AM~ 

AT-X: From October 4, every Monday, at 10:30 PM~ 

(Reruns: Every Wednesday, at 10:30 AM~/ Every Friday, 4:30 PM~)

Advance Streaming on ABEMA has been decided!

On October 2, 2021, at 2:10 AM (Regular Broadcast on every Saturday, at 2:00 AM~ /Linear Broadcast: Every Saturday at 2:30 AM~)

※ URL will be announced on a later date

※ Broadcast time might change without prior notice.


Original Creator: Inuzuka Junpei (Hero Bunko/ Shufunotomo Infos Publishing)

Director/ Series Composition: Jinbo Masato

Original Character Design: Enami Katsumi

Character Design: Shouji Yasukazu

Prop Design: Ookawa Shinobu

Art Director: Katou Kenji

Coloring: Ooseki Tatsue

Photography Director: Satou Atsushi

Editing: Komori Mayumi

Sound Director: Tsuchiya Masaki

Music: Tsujibayashi Miho/ TOMISIRO

Music Production: Flying Dog

Animation Production: OLM

Production: "Restaurant to Another World 2" Production Committee


Master: Suwabe Junichi

Aletta: Uesaka Sumire

Kuro: Oonishi Saori

Sara: Yasuno Kiyono

Hilda: Touyama Nao


(C) Inuzuka Junpei, Shufunotomo Infos/ "Restaurant to Another World 2" Production Committee

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