Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation - Episode 20 Review - Rudeus Saves Lilia and Aisha (Sort of)

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

This episode follows Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation - Episode 19. It begins with shedding light on Aisha and Lilia

During the moment of the great disturbance, Lilia hugged young Aisha when they were hit with the beam of light. The two teleported together to a random location, just as the others did. But they had back luck (good luck?) and teleported into the water! The reason it was good was because it wasn’t in waters two deep from the surface, where they would have drowned.

After some journeying, they found out they were in the Shirone Kingdom. They looked for Roxy in the city’s castle, but Roxy was no longer there. Instead, they met misfortune again when they met Pax. He threw them in a dungeon.

Back in the present, Rudeus is joking to himself about being imprisoned. That it’s a free apartment that’s very secure. We heard something like this before when Rudy was imprisoned by the beastkin.

A strange man named Zanoba Shirone comes down to visit him. He’s the third prince and Pax’s older brother.

It turns out Zanoba is a total anime figure otaku type. From the royal guard, he learns that Rudeus had a figure of Ruijerd. He reveals that he also has the figure of Roxy that Rudy made so long ago. He’s totally fanatic about it. He happens to reveal that Roxy left ages ago, because she couldn’t stand Pax’s sexual harassment.

Anyways, Rudeus makes a deal with Zanoba. He says he’ll take him on as an apprentice, if Zanoba can get him out of the dungeon and the magic barrier.

Meanwhile, some of the royal guards meet with Eris, Aisha and Ruijerd. They ask for help, because Pax is holding their families hostage. They don’t want to do as Pax orders, but they have no choice.

So Ruijerd goes to save the families. While Eris is to stay behind and protect Aisha.

Zanoba soon causes a ruckus. He’s apparently a Blessed Child - he has ridiculous super strength. Eris is curious to meet someone like that.

Zanoba plucks Pax out of bed and carries him by the head with one hand, easily. Causing great pain to the jerk Pax, thankfully.

He takes him to Rudeus. He threatens to rip off his brother’s head if he doesn’t free Rudeus. The guards including Ginger York don’t interfere, as Eris happens to mention their families are being saved by Ruijerd. So Pax has no choice but to let Rudeus go.

Even so, Zanoba, breaks Pax’s arm. Awesome!

Lilia thanks Rudeus and gives him Roxy’s panties. And a necklace that Sylphie meant to give him on this tenth birthday.

Aisha asks to join Rudeus’ party. But Rudeus instead gives her his head protector as a memento.

As they drive off in a carriage, Aisha reveals she knew that he was his big brother all along! What a prankster!

Epilogue: Pax and Zanoba were exiled for what they did.

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