Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation - Episode 23 Review - Rudeus Is Very Depressed

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

This episode follows directly after Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation - Episode 22. And it’s the season finale! It opens with Eris and Ghislaine camping. It’s nice to see those two together again, but wish they didn’t leave Rudeus.

The opening montage shows the survivors of Fittoa doing their best to rebuild their lives. Farming and sweating and working hard and stuff. Because that symbolizes that you’re happy to be alive… I guess?

Rudeus is severely depressed, just lying down in his tent. Thinking about his past life when he was bullied so bad that he became a recluse, afraid of the outside world. Both his parents believed in him back then and told him not to give up. But he did. He couldn’t get over how pathetic he was. That moment is being paralleled with this moment as Rudeus where he again feels alone, and feels like giving up.

Alphonse tries to make him get out of bed and requests that he help around the village. Because he’s been in bed for days doing nothing. Times are tough, and the people need Rudeus’ power. But Rudeus refuses to get up.

Then we get a segment showcasing the different people that Rudeus helped along his journey. First there’s Eris, who goes on and on about how amazing Rudeus is. How she needs to work hard to catch up to him. To be of help to him. Of course, not abandoning him would have helped him, but whatever. Had to happen for the story. Ruijerd is the next person they show. He helps some guys, and reveals to them that he’s Superd. But they don’t cower in fear of him. The curse is going away.

Then we see Zanoba, still being carted off. Still loving his Roxy figure. Hoping to see Rudeus again someday. Geese is in a desert, wishing Rudeus was there to conjure water. The Tokurabu Village Toughs brag to a fellow adventurer about Dead End. Tona, Gyes, and Linia Dedoldia are training with swords.

Then we see that Kishirika has coincidentally met up with Roxy, Elinalise and Talhand. Kishirika beats Talhand in a drinking game but has no money to pay for all the drinks.

Roxy bails her out. As thanks, Kishirika offers to give her a Demon Eye, but Roxy doesn’t want it. She also doesn’t believe Kishirika is the Demon Empress. But she realizes it’s true soon enough when Kishirika is able to tell her the whereabouts of the members of the Greyrat family!

We see Paul and Norn are able to reunite finally with Lilia and Aisha. As for Zenith, she is alive but seems underwater somewhere? It’s unclear, but Kishirika is able to give Roxy an approximate location. Kishirika also tells Roxy that Rudy is super depressed right now. Roxy believes in Rudy, so she goes off with her party to search for Zenith.

Rudeus finally picks himself up and goes to search for his mother, too. And we get a quick glimpse of Sylphie, who looks to be part of some kind of school now.

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