Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation - Episode 21 Review - Rudeus Meets Orsted, the Dragon God

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation - Episode 20, we get a powerful, bloody ep.

It begins en media res, in some blizzardy region. Rudeus, Eris, and Ruijerd are all badly beaten up and knocked out. An ominous shadowy figure stands above Rudeus, who is coughing up blood. Supposedly, Rudy dies.

Then we backtrack. Dead End is traveling up some mountainous region. This is probably not long after the end of the previous episode. Eris is excited when she spots red dragons. Literal “red” flag right there.

At night, Eris does some sparring with Ruijerd, their usual training. But this night, Ruijerd announces that Eris is officially a true warrior now! She’s improved that much. Eris can’t believe it, so she asks Rudeus to pinch her. And the perv pinches her nipple of all places. Which of course gets him a punch from Eris that blows him away.

The next day, Eris sees the red dragons again and wants to chase after and hunt them. Both Rudeus and Ruijerd agree that it’s impossible. They’re really powerful and travel in flocks.

Ruijerd says even the lesser of the Seven Great Powers would not be able to take down whole flocks. Only the most powerful of them could.

Speak of the devil. Again, that phrase might be quite literal. While walking, Eris and Ruijerd freeze in their tracks. Rudy has no idea why. But then two people start crossing their path. One is the ominous guy from the beginning of the ep. You already know this ain’t good news.

Stupid Rudeus decides to be friendly to these strangers. Even after Ruijerd warns him not to move a muscle. And their ox runs off a cliff to escape the aura.

The guy somehow already knows of Eris and Ruijerd. Which puzzles Ruijerd. He also knows of Rudy’s family. Like he’s all-knowing.

The mystery man introduces himself as Orsted, the Dragon God! One of the Seven Great Powers! He’s with Nanahoshi. Orsted asks Rudeus if he knows Man-God, and again, stupid Rudeus for some reason reveals that he does. And this pisses off Orsted instantly. With lightning speed he swoops in to kill Rudeus! Ruijerd gets in the way and fights the best he can, but his impressive skills are nothing to Orsted. Orsted’s able to defend himself from Ruijerd with his bare hands. And knocks Ruijerd out. Eris also tries to fight him, and gets badly beaten up as well.

Even after Ruijerd is crushed by Orsted’s grip, Eris and he still do their best to fight back. Rudeus is able to throw a powerful purple fireball at Orsted, but he blocks against it with some crazy magic of his own. Then he stabs his arm through Rudeus!

Rudeus sees Man-God. He explains that Orsted is a cursed child who hates Man-God. Rudeus thinks he’s dead, but he’s still alive.

He wakes up to find out Orsted healed him for some reason.Rudeus embraces Eris. Eris cries, almost having lost Rudy. 

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