Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation - Episode 19 Review - Rudeus Finally Sees Lilia and Aisha Again

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation - Episode 18, this episode begins with man-god visiting Rudeus in his dream. Rudy throws his usual insults but does actually say thank you to man-god for his help the last time.

So this time, Rudeus wants specific advice on how to find his family members and loved ones - Zenith, Lilia, Aisha, Sylphie, Ghislaine, Phillip, and Sauros. Man-god agrees to help but only if Rudeus promises to trust him and be friendlier next time they meet.

Man-god shows him a vision of Aisha, probably with the power of the Demon Eye. And he says to Rudeus to hide his identity from her. He’ll find both Lilia and Aisha in Shirone. Rudeus is confused, as that’s where Roxy is supposed to be. Rudeus then wakes up, still on the ship sailing to the Central Continent.

When they make it to land, you can bet Eris is relieved. They enjoy rice treats on their travels, something Eris has never had before. But of course, Rudy had all the time in his old life.

In the capital of Shirone, Rudeus starts walking around. And he notices he’s being followed. He’s able to lose his follower, as he’s worried it’s an enemy. But it’s Aisha!

Some palace guards try to take Aisha and a letter she has. Rudeus uses his magic to rescue Aisha. The two are able to escape.

Alone, Rudy introduces himself as Shadow Moon Knight, not wanting to give his real identity. Then he calls himself Kennel Master of Dead End.

Rudeus asks why Aisha doesn’t go to her older brother for help. Aisha discovered at a young age that his brother is a pervert, because of the panties he holds dear back home. Along with other pervy stuff he did. So she doesn’t trust him. That’s why man-god didn’t want him to reveal his identity!

Rudeus asks Eris and Ruijerd for their help in protecting Aisha and keeping his identity secret for now. Also, help in rescuing Lilia from the palace. They agree.

The next morning, a royal guard named Ginger York comes to Rudeus’ door. They say Roxy wants him to come to the palace.

He goes by himself, excited to finally see Roxy. Eris and Ruijerd stay behind watching Aisha who’s still asleep.

Before entering a room, Ginger takes Rudy’s staff and belongings. Flags all over the place.

Rudy enters the room and sees Lilia tied up on the floor. Next to that garbage kid who has a gross crush on Roxy. His name is Pax. He’s pervy like Rudeus, but worse maybe.

Pax springs a trap on Rudeus, who is stuck inside a King-class magic barrier.

My question is, where the hell was Rudeus’ Demon Eye power now? He should have been able to sense that trap.

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