Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation - Episode 18 Review - Roxy Visits Her Parents

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation - Episode 17, Rudy, Eris and Ruijerd part ways with Paul to continue to the Central Continent. While riding through the countryside, a number of warriors challenge Ruijerd to a bout. Comically, they all get spanked by Ruijerd in an instant.

On the next leg of the trip, the party takes a boat ride through a storm. Eris, as expected, vomits her guts out. But this time, it’s also too rough a trip for Rudy. He vomits, too. Ruijerd feels fine.

Rudeus is trying to think positively. He hopes he’ll find Zenith, Lilia, Aisha and Sylphie safe and sound, even though there’s no word of them yet.

 And that’s pretty much all the catching up we get on Rudeus’ side. The episode takes an unusual turn and follows the story of Roxy!

So get this - Roxy is actually old party mates with the horse bastard, Nokopara! How small is the population for these cities? What are the odds?

Nokopara explains how a party called “Dead End” burned him. But hearing the name Dead End freaks out Roxy, she doesn’t want to hear more about it.

Then Nokopara broaches the subject about returning to her home village. Roxy feels she wouldn’t be wanted there, so she wasn’t planning to go. But Nokopara convinces her to stop by.

As soon as she gets to the village, the villagers try to speak to her telepathically. But she doesn’t have the ability, so she runs from them. That’s why she didn’t want to come back. She feels like an outcast amongst her people who can all speak telepathically.

Roxy makes it to her home, where she surprises her mother Rowin and Rokari. They’re happy to have her home finally after all these years. But they start speaking telepathically. Roxy feels bad, and says she has to leave, less than a minute after arriving. And she announces that she may never come back again.

But before she takes off, she requests that she come back at least once every 20 years. Roxy says maybe once every 50 years (dang, they live long lives)! Finally, it’s too much, and Roxy’s mom breaks down in tears, overwhelmed to finally see the daughter she loves.

Roxy finally realizes that her parents really missed her and loved her. Of course they do, you bonehead! Roxy breaks down, too. Then the three finally embrace. It was a very moving reunion.

Roxy spends the night at her parents’ home. She says she has to take off again already to continue her search. 

Finally, FINALLY, Roxy learns that Rudeus had met her parents. And that Rudeus was with Eris and Ruijerd, a Superd. 

Roxy finally learns that Rudeus is part of Dead End. I guess she had to realize this late, through her parents, or else she wouldn’t have had an excuse to go all the way back to her home. And we wouldn’t have had that touching moment. She finds some peace of mind knowing Rudy is safe.

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