Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation - Episode 17 Review - Rudeus and Paul Apologize to One Another

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation - Episode 16, this episode begins with a montage from Paul’s point of view. All the way from the moment of the disaster that teleported his family to unknown locations around the world.

I’m glad we get to see things from Paul’s perspective. A lot of fans were triggered by Paul in the last ep, and didn’t consider how hard it’s been for him. He eventually was able to ally himself with survivors, and they worked together to find the missing people. They were successful finding some, and Paul was even thanked, but he never found anyone in his own family. Norn was really worried about her dad, and she did what she could to cheer him up.

After a while, Paul turned more and more to alcohol. Which is why he looks terrible when Rudeus finally see him for the first time.

Right after Rudeus and Paul have their fight, our old buddy Geese shows up. He’s actually friends with Paul - maybe they adventured together in the past? Anyways, Geese finds out Paul already saw his son, and hears Paul’s perspective. Geese gives him advice, says Paul was too hard on an 11 year old boy. Even if he is a genius. Also, he should be relieved that Rudy hasn’t been hacked up, enslaved, or other traumatic things. Paul finally sees the error of his ways.

So Paul sobers up and does the mature thing. He seeks out Rudeus to apologize.

He finds Rudeus eating in a tavern. Rudeus still feels guilty about the fight. As soon as Paul shows up, Eris jumps to Rudy’s defense ready to chew Paul out. Ruijerd understands why Paul came, so he takes Eris away. That’s Rujierd - wise as ever.

Paul apologizes, but Rudy feels like he’s the one who should, treating things like a game. Eventually, the barkeep gives Rudy advice to look his father in his face. Rudeus sees his former self in Paul - feeling hurt by a friend’s insensitive worlds to his suffering. But unlike him, manning up and apologizing.

In the end, Rudy surprises Paul with a big reunion hug to show all is forgiven and forgotten. Paul breaks down in tears of relief. That’s the reunion I wanted in the first place.

Paul gives Dead End resources to travel back home, so they don’t have to stay in Millishion. But Rudeus gives Dead End the bad new that their homeland is gone. Eris’ family can’t be located. Eris says she’s already prepared for that loss.

Paul’s party and Rudeus’ will split up again to continue searching for their lost family.

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