Full Dive: The Ultimate Next-Gen Full Dive RPG Is Even Shittier than Real Life! - Episode 10 Review - Alicia and Mizarisa Team Up with Hiro

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Warning: Spoilers follow.

So after waiting a whole week, we finally get to hear Reona’s reason for pushing Hiro to beat the game. Years ago, she met Kamui in KQ and thought he was hot, so she asked him out. He rejected her because her tits were too huge. Since then, she vowed to marry someone else who beats KQ so that she can rub it in Kamui’s face. The comedy in this series never lets up. Hardly ever a serious moment.

Hiro was expecting a deeper reason than this. It didn’t motivate him to try harder to beat the game, it actually had the opposite effect!

Hiro has a chat with Tesla. Tesla sounds like he’d love to leave the city and adventure with Hiro. Hiro saw this as a good sign. But then Atlas says he’ll consider doing it after they fight back the coming goblin raid. That sounded like a death flag to Hiro. To me, too.

Hiro logs off of the game to consult the walkthrough. He catches his sister Kaede watching over him. He thanks her for her concern, but she gets embarrassed and acts tsundere on him. Pretty cute moment.

In the walkthrough, Kamui is verbally abusive as usual. But Hiro gets some advice, a trick to beating KQ. What trick? We don’t get to learn it ourselves, but Hiro does.

The next day back in the game, Hiro gets a surprise. Alicia and Mizarisa have joined the City Guard! This completely freaks out Hiro. Understandable since Alicia tried to kill him not long ago, and Mizarisa wants to torture him. 

Tesla has ordered everyone in the guard to patrol the city. He groups Hiro with Alicia and Mizarisa. The three of them check out the east area where the casino is.

A mugger tries to steal a purse from a woman in front of them. Big mistake - Alicia cuts off the mugger’s hand! They get some intel from him - apparently someone is instigating the crimes all over the city to happen. Someone in the casino. 

Hiro, Alicia, and Mizarisa go inside the casino to find a gang of thieves there. A number of girls are tied up, and so is Ginji the drunk.

Alicia and Mizarisa take out the gang pretty easily. And one of the gang members reveals that Ginji was the mastermind behind all this. He did it for money.

No surprise it was Ginji. Hiro and Ginji were about to face off in a fight but Alicia butts in and knocks Ginji to the floor with one hit. Serves Ginji right!

Back at the training camp, Tesla praises Hiro for stopping the crimes. All of a sudden, the goblins start attacking!

Hiro wants to fight but gets a bad stomach and has to go to the bathroom. After doing his bathroom business, a goblin sneaks up on him!

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