Full Dive: The Ultimate Next-Gen Full Dive RPG Is Even Shittier than Real Life! - Episode 9 Review - Granada and Amos Get What They Deserve

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Most of the things that happen in this game isekai anime are shitty, and they happen to Hiro. If you’ve been watching each week, you know that. But what if shitty things are happening to other characters instead? Would you say the bad things happening to them equals good things happening to Hiro? In this case, I’d say so.

Hiro is having a hard time training for the goblin raid in Kiwame Quest. He’s being bullied by Granada and Palu and neglected by his trainer, Amos

Reona shows Hiro to a counselor’s office, hoping it’s an event that will help Hiro. The counselor doesn’t say anything that helps at all and kicks him out quickly.

Cathy says hello to Hiro and mentions how prayer always helps her. So again, Reona thinks this a flag for an event and suggests Hiro go to the chapel to pray. A nun prays over Hiro and douses a basin of water all over him. Also not helpful. But Reona thinks maybe all this will have some unforeseen benefit in the future.

The next day, Granada and Palu beat up on Hiro as usual. Cathy tries to get Amos to intervene, but Amos looks the other way. He’s a jerk so that’s not surprising.

Granada and Palu turn their attention to Cathy, basically threatening her not to associate with Hiro. She looks regretful, but ends up turning her back on him. All of these moments are shitty the way we expect them to be.

But then something strange happens. Suddenly, bad things happen to Granada, and no one knows who the culprit is. He even finds his sword in the toilet! Not only are bad things happening to him, but the rest of the guards start hating on him, too. Fearing to be ostracised as well, even his best friend Palu ditches him as well.

Tesla visits everyone and announces that Granada has quit the City Guard (yay!). He also shares that a confession note signed by Palu states that Amos was the one behind all harassment happening to Granada. Both Palu and Amos deny this.

Because Amos was a terrible leader, all of the guards basically cuss him out. With no one supporting Amos, Tesla removes him from his position (yay!). And everyone, including Cathy, apologizes to Hiro for not being kinder to him.

In the end, we discover that Reona was behind all these underhanded things. That just earned her 1,000 points in my book. Usually, she just joins everyone else in ridiculing Hiro. She’s rarely helpful. But this? This was fantastic.

Hiro feels bad for Granada and Amos. But I don’t. They got what they deserved. I was worried that Hiro was going to be too forgiving and defend these jerks. Thankfully, he didn’t.

The ep ends with Reona about to reveal to Hiro why she needed someone to complete Kiwame Quest. Seems serious, but we’ll have to wait for the answer next week!

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