Full Dive: The Ultimate Next-Gen Full Dive RPG Is Even Shittier than Real Life! - Episode 8 Review - Hiro is Bullied in the Game by Granada

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Warning: Spoilers up to the end of Episode 8 follow.

This ep picks up right where the previous one left off. Kamui is throwing his usual insults to the person looking into his walkthrough. Apparently, if the person has gotten the title “Best Amicide,” his chance of survival in Kiwame Quest goes from .1% to .5%. Yay?

After learning this information, Hiro visits his sister Kaede in her room and gives her a leftover pudding, as a way to make amends. He apologizes in advance to her, as he’s going to continue playing KQ and will most likely scream IRL from the pain. Kaede acts kind of tsundere here, moved by her brother’s sudden kindness. I’m sure that will develop into a closer relationship soon.

So Hiro comes back into the game the next day, with Reona sticking by his side as usual. He has to survive 5 days of brutal training for the City Guard. He meets Queen Govern, a beautiful woman with a bountiful chest. She gives him a nice hug.

Hiro was hoping to train under Tesla, but he finds out that he has to train under the ugly city guard captain from earlier in the series. Turns out his name is Amos. We also get introduced to two more guys joining the guard - Granada and Palu. You could tell right from the beginning that they’re going to be bullies who make Hiro’s life harder.

First, a handsome friendly guy named Bob shows Hiro around a bit. He’s been in the city guard for one month, making him Hiro’s senpai just barely. Finally, Hiro gets a decent looking outfit to wear. But Bob is kind of surprised how small Hiro’s frame is. Of course, his small size is totally normal for a high school runner. 

But that small and slim stature is a disadvantage in the training for a city guard that requires strength. Hiro does his best sparring against Amos with a practice sword, but he gets his ass handed to him. And just to show us how much tougher Granada is, we then see Granada easily beating Amos!

The rest of the episode involves Hiro getting picked on by Granada and Palu just like his high school bullies pick on him IRL. This isekai anime’s eps always end either suspenseful or depressing, never happily. One bright spot is the city guard girl named Cathy who is kind to Hiro.

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