Full Dive: The Ultimate Next-Gen Full Dive RPG Is Even Shittier than Real Life! - Episode 7 Review - Hiro Faces Goblins for the First Time

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Warning: Spoilers up to episode 7 follow.

This is the second episode in a row that I really enjoyed because things weren’t completely shitty for Hiro. Continuing from the last episode, the city of Ted is on fire! After several attempts at asking the townsfolk what the problem is, the blacksmith finally reveals that goblins have made their way into the city since the moat that protects it has dried up.

The blacksmith leaves to save his own skin and Hiro has to sharpen his rusty sword with a whetstone by himself. But it’s a time-consuming process and the screams of the people outside get to him. Hiro decides to rush into battle with his sword still rusty but Reona stops him before he gets out the door.

Reona finally admits that Kiwame Quest is a shitty game. She says goblins are ridiculously hard to beat, and if they kill Hiro, his console will actually break! In the past, many gamers sued the company that developed Kiwame Quest about this console breaking feature. The game was pretty much recalled at that point. 

This part actually doesn’t make much sense - there’s no way a gamer like Hiro, or even anyone in the general public, wouldn’t know such a famous story, even if it was ten years old. So it’s ridiculous that Hiro doesn’t already know about Kiwame Quest. But whatever. If he knew about the game as he logically should, he wouldn’t have been tricked into trying it and we wouldn’t have this series.

Moving on, Reona recommends stopping the game for now and looking up the walkthrough online on how to deal with goblins. But Hiro decides to take a peek at what they look like before he leaves. And they look gross and scary. Some of the most hideous goblins I’ve seen in anime.

A little girl is all alone about to be attacked by a goblin. Three city guards come to save her. But the goblin moves so fast, he brutally kills all three! There was some pretty graphic dismemberment here.

Even though the girl is just an NPC, Hiro can’t let her die. After his experience with Martin, he’s learned that he can stand by as people are killed or die in this game. While Reona distracts the goblin, Hiro runs out to grab the girl. For a second, he sees a resemblance of his sister Kaede in the girl. The girl tries to get away and is about to be bludgeoned, when Hiro suddenly activates a super dash and saves her in the nick of time! He doesn’t know how he did it.

Cornered by the goblins again, Tesla shows up and defeats them with lightning. He asks Hiro to join the city guard as a mercenary. Hiro accepts, but later he learns in the walkthrough that joining Tesla means he has .1% chance of survival!

Oh, and Hiro’s finally changed his pee-soaked pants in this game. I hope they never go back to that overplayed gag.

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