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Warning: Spoiler up to the end of Episode 6 Follow.

This is my favorite episode of the season so far. Why? Because there’s finally a few moments where things genuinely result positively for Hiro. And that just hasn’t happened in this show until now. These moments are dramatic, too, sparing us from the slapstick “this is too real” and “this is too shitty” gags the show keeps hitting us over the head with.

The episode starts with the fight between Mizarisa and Alicia. I was surprised that the episode actually spent a good amount of time showcasing this battle. There’s plenty of action because Mizarisa and Alicia are pretty evenly matched.

Mizarisa explains at first that she’s there by order of Tesla. His decree that Hiro is innocent of murder is absolute in the city, so Mizarisa tailed Hiro to protect him. Well, that was the pretext anyways. In actuality, she doesn’t want Hiro to be killed so that she can feel the pleasure of torturing him! Oh, and Mizarisa was able to follow Hiro’s trail because she has a good nose and could smell his urine-soaked pants. The pee jokes just won’t die.

Crazy, creepy Alicia isn’t dissuaded by Mizarisa. She vows to kill them both. While Alicia isn’t as well trained as Mizarisa, she is faster. Eventually, Alicia gets the drop on Mizarisa and kicks her in the stomach, knocking her out.

Hiro is back to fending for himself. Reona can’t punch Alicia in the eyes this time because Alicia put on some glasses.

He thinks back to what Kamui advised. He tries doing something his childhood friend Alicia wouldn’t suspect - he grabs her boobs, hoping it will embarrass her. But she’s not affected by that all, saying her boobs have already been grabbed before.

As Hiro is about to be killed, he comes up with one last idea. He tells Alicia he loves her! She’s finally caught off guard. She says it’s too late for that. She yells at him for running away after killing Martin. Then she bursts into tears and runs off herself. This is one of the sweet, dramatic moments I was talking about. Alicia finally dropped the creepy girl persona.

Hiro now realizes running away like that was wrong and hurtful to Alicia, and he feels sorry about it. He goes to the Kenura Tree and invites the ghost of Martin to see him. Hiro is able to see the childhood memory of his character, who happens to sound like a doofus. Hiro and Martin promised to always be best friends. 

Because Hiro tells ghost Martin that promise, Martin won’t haunt Hiro anymore, just as he said he wouldn’t. Again, another sweet moment!

Hiro earns the title “Best Best Friend Killer.” And then a new problem presents itself - Hiro and Reona see the city of Ted on fire in the distance!

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