Full Dive: The Ultimate Next-Gen Full Dive RPG Is Even Shittier than Real Life! - Episode 5 Review - Tesla Frees Hiro from Prison

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Warning: Spoilers up to the end of Episode 5 follow.

Hiro finally catches a break in this episode. Continuing from the last ep, Hiro makes his way through a creepy underground tunnel system and comes up to the surface to the residence of the City Guard Captain, Tesla. Tesla is very kind to Hiro. He treats him to a feast, which tastes realistically delicious. Captain Tesla has deduced that the death of Martin must have been an accident, acquitting Hiro of the crime of murder. He also promises to help Hiro if anything bad happens to him, like another attack from Alicia. I’m almost positive this dude has an ulterior motive. It’s really hard to think someone is this nice to Hiro after everything that’s happened to him so far.

Hiro leaves Tesla and believes his adventure can finally start correctly. But it turns out that the people of Ted still think he’s a killer. They treat him poorly, throw rocks at him, and chase him around. Well, of course things would get shitty for Hiro again. That’s the name of this fantasy game isekai after all.

Hiro wants to get back into his home to grab a sword for his adventure, but it’s guarded by townsfolk. He’ll need money to buy smoke bombs to get through the tough situation. Reona, who’s been by Hiro’s side this whole time, says he can either steal, borrow, or work for the money. He doesn’t want to commit a crime, so stealing is out. Reona then takes Hiro to a shady employment agency. But he doesn’t like the few jobs available, and the agent gets pissed at him for being picky. So that route to get money is out as well. The last possibility is borrowing.

Who does Reona come up with as a lender? The jerk Ginji who betrayed Hiro to the City Guard. Reona tries to play nice with Ginji but it’s no good. Hiro and Ginji rile each other up and get into a humorous fight. It ends when the ghost of Martin interrupts. Both Hiro and Ginji can relate to being haunted by their childhood friends. Reona deduces that Ginji might be the way he is because he regrets killing them. Ginji gives up the fight, and Reona scams the drunk out of all of his money. Which is not much.

Hiro buys smoke bombs from a cute merchant named Melissa who upcharges him for every coin he’s got. But now Hiro finally has what he needs to get back in his home! Just as he gets his hand on his sword, Alicia steps out of the shadows. She’s psycho as usual and ready to kill Hiro. But then an unexpected savior comes through the window - it’s Mizarisa

I’m hoping the two girls will have a traditional fight with weapons in next week’s episode. But we haven’t gotten one so far, so I kind of doubt that.

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