Full Dive: The Ultimate Next-Gen Full Dive RPG Is Even Shittier than Real Life! - Episode 4 Review - Reona Convinces Hiro to Log Back into Kiwame Quest

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Warning: Spoilers up to the end of Episode 4 follow.

The episode begins right at a flashback which takes up a significant portion of the entire ep. Hiro is at a district track meet competition. You can tell this must be the past because Hiro hasn’t yet quit running and his younger sister Kaede is still sweet to him, unlike how things are presently in the series. Hiro is so good, we see some random people in the bleachers say he’s the ace runner of the school.

Hiro seems a lot more confident at this point in his life. Hiro’s friend, Takafumi, comes over to warn Hiro that there are scouts watching from the bleachers. That news makes Hiro a little nervous. 

He goes to the bathroom to pee before the race, when suddenly famous Olympic silver medalist Mike McLachlan comes up to him. Of course he has to have a ridiculous accent while speaking Japanese, because he’s American. He sees potential in Hiro and Hiro’s rival, Tatsuya Moriguchi. He tells Hiro to show him his best. Now Hiro is really feeling the pressure. He even forgot to go to the bathroom. And we all know what that’s going to lead to.

As the race is about to begin, Hiro and Tatsuya have a little rivalry talk. But Hiro zones out right as the gun fires, and as a result starts running later than everyone else! He runs as fast as he can to catch up to Takafumi in the lead. He almost reaches him but trips at the last moment. Tatsuya wins. Meanwhile, the fall has caused Takafumi to pee his pants. People start laughing at him. Now we see why peeing his pants in Kiwame Quest in the previous episode was such a big deal to him.

After cleaning up in the locker room, Kaede comes to try to cheer him up. But Hiro lashes out at her. Their fight is why Kaede is no longer kind to her brother. Mike talks to Hiro again, scolding Hiro for messing up. But I think he was probably referring to how he yelled at Kaede, not about the race. And Hiro didn’t understand that’s what he meant. This concludes the flashback.

At breakfast in Hiro’s home, Kaede scolds Hiro for being too loud while playing his VR game last night. Hiro says he’s going to quit the game so it won’t be a problem anymore. This just makes Kaede madder. She storms off. Hiro’s sweet mother explains that Kaede just misses her “cool” older brother.

Hiro tries to return the game to Reona. But Reona shows Hiro a website made by Soichiro Kamui, the one player who beat the game. Kamui gives some tips relating to Hiro’s problems, but insults the viewer (Hiro) the whole time. Then Reona does her honey trap thing and convinces Hiro to try the game again. Once back in, Hiro is in the prison. We see that Mizarisa treasures the sheets he peed on.

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