Full Dive: The Ultimate Next-Gen Full Dive RPG Is Even Shittier than Real Life! - Episode 3 Review - Hiro Is Haunted by Martin and Meets Mizarisa

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Warning: Spoilers up to the end of Episode 3 follow.

It looks like Ginji really did mean to betray Hiro by yelling out for the City Guard. Ginji gets some loose change for reporting him. What a scumbag. Hiro tries to run away but Ginji catches him with his judo moves.

As Hiro is escorted to jail, the guards stop so that the citizens of Ted can fulfill a tradition of throwing stones at him. Funny enough, even the ugly guard leader gets pelted a bit. Then Hiro tries to announce that he’s a chosen hero meant to defeat the demon lord, so he should be released. But the guard says that’s a common thing said by prisoners recently. So he doesn’t believe Hiro in the slightest.

All of a sudden, Hiro glimpses Alicia on a roof with her fruit slicer knife. She has an eyepatch thanks to Reona punching her last ep. Her psycho look makes Hiro actually beg the guards to take him to prison where he thinks he’ll be safer.

Finally in his cell, Hiro thinks he can log out of the game. But the game won’t let him! It tells him he’s in the middle of an event. Even after an hour passes, he can’t log out. He also feels real hunger. By this point, I’m annoyed with how many times Hiro has complained that the game is too realistic. It’s a joke that’s no longer funny. Everything has felt and behaved like real life since you started this game, so you don’t need to comment on it anymore.

When Hiro tries to pee, he’s visited by the ghost of Martin haunting him and coughing blood on him. Hiro tries to explain it was an accident, but it’s no use. Now Hiro understands why Ginji kept talking to the friends he killed - he could see their ghosts. Martin wants Hiro to say the promise they swore together under the Kenura tree, but of course Hiro has no idea.

Hiro screams out for a guard to help him. A girl named Mizarisa comes and lets him out. She takes him to a private room with a bed. Hiro thinks she’s about to have sex with him. Idiot, this is prison, of course that’s not the case. She’s a psycho torturer, and she plans to cut off Hiro’s limbs. Reona finally arrives, but she can’t get Hiro out of his restraints.

The fear of getting sliced up causes Hiro to pee his pants. Just as the cutting is about to begin, the ugly guard orders Mizarisa to stop because Tesla, head of City Guard commanded it.

Hiro is fed up. He finally does the logical thing and exits the game, vowing he’ll never return. But of course, we know he will. This anime is beginning to feel really non-stop masochistic. My patience is starting to run out. I hope Hiro finally wins at something in the next ep.

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