Full Dive: The Ultimate Next-Gen Full Dive RPG Is Even Shittier than Real Life! - Episode 2 Review - Hiro Looks for Ginji

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Warning: Spoilers up to the end of Episode 2 follow.

Picking up right where the previous episode left off, Hiro is conversing with Reona about how he just accidentally killed his best friend, Martin. Reona continues to explain bits about Kiwame Quest, which reveal how limited Hiro’s options are. She always does so with a smile,  which I find funny at times but annoying and played out at others. Thank goodness she’s at least hot in her fairy outfit.

Reona tells Hiro of a player named Ginji who also killed his best friend at the start of the game. Their plan is to ask Ginji how he dealt with it. But their first stop is a clothes shop to hide Hiro’s identity. The whole city has learned that he’s a murderer. The game once again proves it’s too real. The clothes merchant even extorts more money out of Hiro because he recognizes him!

Now disguised by a cloak, Hiro and Reona are able to walk through Ted, the Closed City, to get to the casino where Ginji stays. But just as they arrive in the area, Alicia finally catches up to Hiro. And she has gone completely mad, vowing to kill Hiro and then herself so that they can be reunited with Martin. She even gives herself a new silly title - “Hell’s Fruit Slicer!”

Hiro dusts off his real life running abilities to make a dash through the city. He’s able to lose Alicia for a while, but her crazy speed eventually catches up with him again. She slices his hand, and Hiro gets a taste of realistic pain from the wound. Reona distracts Alicia for a second, giving Hiro a chance to run away far enough to exit combat mode and log out of the game.

The next day, Hiro goes to school. His friend advises him to deal with his bullies. He tells Hiro that he’ll never be respected if all he does is play video games.

Hiro returns home, where his sister Kaede gives him a hard time. She tells him he was screaming too much last night while playing VR games. Really hard for me to tell which is shittier for Hiro - real life or Kiwame Quest.

Hiro logs into the game and right away feels the pain from his wound again. He has a healing herb, but has no idea how to use it because he can’t just click on it like other games. Just then, Ginji, an old fat drunk, comes by and introduces himself. He helps Hiro use the healing herb.

The two go into the casino, where Ginji explains how he killed his best friend and got the title “Not Human - Heartless.” He also shares that he knew one person to beat the game. An amazing fighter named Kamui.

Then out of nowhere, Ginji says he’ll help Hiro. But screams out for the guards to come get him for killing Martin! What’s up with this betrayal? We’ll have to find out next week.

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