Full Dive: The Ultimate Next-Gen Full Dive RPG Is Even Shittier than Real Life! - Episode 11 Review - Hiro Discovers the Truth about Ted

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Warning: Spoilers follow.

We left off the last episode with Hiro getting surprised in the bathroom by a goblin. Thankfully, Mizarisa saves him by sneaking up on the goblin and cutting off its head. While this was mostly good news for Hiro, she did stab Hiro just a tiny bit because she loves torturing him.

Alicia shows up, too. The three make their way to the north gate of the city to take on the goblins. On the way, Hiro’s stomach acts up again due to nervousness. Reona suggests telling her what happened in the past. Hiro tells her about his track trauma, and she laughs hysterically at Hiro. The thing she promised not to do! Hiro is annoyed at first, but it was all part of Reona’s plan to get him to forget his nervousness. And it worked! With his stomach no longer bothering him, Hiro is able to run and meet up with the City Guard and Tesla.

Things look pretty bad at first. Tons of goblins are there, and the City Guard are getting murdered by them. But luckily, Tesla, Mizarisa and Alicia are strong enough that they finish off the goblin forces. Hiro doesn’t do a damn thing.

Cathy and Bob bring word that the South Gate has fallen because of the powerful goblin king named One-Eye. So Tesla and Hiro head over there.

Tesla and One-Eye seem to be evenly matched. He tells the City Guard to bring over some cage, apparently a part of some plan to beat One-Eye.

Alicia and Mizarisa come to help Tesla in battle. Mizarisa tries to get in on the fight but One-Eye kicks her unconscious with a super fast kick that our eyes can’t even follow. Alicia, on the other hand, is incredibly fast. She, Tesla, and One-Eye engage in a fight at rapid speed.

Finally the cage comes. It’s filled with goblins supposedly captured in the current battle. Seeing the goblins throw off One-Eye, and he gets taken down by Tesla. But Hiro recognizes the noises they make are the same ones he heard from the underground prison. He remembers how Kamui told him to keep his eyes open for the truth about Ted.

Hiro realizes these goblins were captured years before. Tesla reveals that he intentionally provoked One-Eye by capturing his kids. He uses the goblins around Ted to keep invaders out and keep the citizens from leaving the city! Queen Govern is in on this, too. She and Tesla are a couple. It’s a shame that the hot queen is evil.

Tesla beheads One-Eye and kills his guards, as he wants to keep the truth hidden. Then he sets his eyes on killing Hiro. That’s how the ep ends. But did the series producers really think we’d forget the badass Alicia is still present? She’s definitely going to save Hiro from being killed!

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