Full Dive: The Ultimate Next-Gen Full Dive RPG Is Even Shittier than Real Life! - Episode 12 Review - Hiro's Secret Technique Against Tesla

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Warning: Spoilers follow.

Let me start off by saying that Hiro doesn’t catch a break, even to the very end of the season. He loses and his console gets fried. I want to rip off that Band-aid right away. Now let me go into how that happens.

We last left Hiro facing off against Tesla, who we just found out last ep was a bastard. Queen Govern, too. 

Tesla says he has an even faster, deadlier move to use on Hiro. He uses it, but Alicia gets in the way just in the nick of time to save Hiro’s life. I predicted she’d save Hiro, but I didn’t think it would be like this. She’s too good a character to die off!  As her life fades away, she confesses that it made her happy when Hiro said he’d marry her. And her brother Martin appeared to her in a dream to tell her to forgive Hiro. She joined the City Guard just to protect him.

This emotional moment activates greater stats in Hiro. That’s the secret technique that Kamui explained. Hiro is able to dodge Tesla’s attacks. And he’s able to fight with his sword at speeds Tesla can barely keep up with! Reona cheers for Hiro, but that doesn’t motivate him at all.

Hiro hits Tesla with what should be a killing blow. But nope, because his sword was rusty, the blade breaks on contact with Tesla’s armor. See? Shitty until the end.

Tesla swings at Hiro, and Hiro has a vision. He’s with Martin at the Kenura Tree. Martin lends his ghostly power to Hiro, creating a magic sword for him!

The magic sword is powerful and shatters Tesla’s sword. Surely, Hiro will win now, right??

Nope. Although it looks like Hiro’s about to win, Queen Govern sneaks up on Hiro and trips him, letting Tesla stab through Hiro with a second sword. And that’s how Hiro dies. And that’s how his console and game get fried.

Back in real life, Hiro’s pretty depressed. Reona says she’ll let him rent a new console for free to get back into the game. But he’s not motivated because everything he’s been through has been erased.

Then Hiro sees a new message from Kamui in the walkthrough. There’s a secret trick to use your old game to boot your saved data to your new console. Basically, a re-do. He can even save Alicia maybe. This fires Hiro up.

He realizes he needs to be more fit physically when he takes on Tesla again, so he starts running in real life. Kaede praises him for this, sort of. And coincidentally, Hiro shows his pissed side to his bullies and that scares them off. So I’m happy those parts had nice endings.

But we’re left on a cliffhanger. Hiro gets the console from Reona. We see him about to dive into Kiwame Quest again. It’s an annoying way to end the season, without a solid win for Hiro. But I get it.

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