How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom - Episode 12 Review - Souma Defeats Gaius

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom Episode 11, this episode honestly felt pretty off. The war with Amidonia ended quickly and anticlimactically. 

Gaius and Julius notice that Van’s banners still wave on their castle, so they believe they still have a chance at winning this battle with Souma. Their army goes in for a frontal assault.

Carla and Souma are at their general’s camp and they hold some weird nonsense discussion, where the brilliant Souma realizes he’s… not acting as he should? That he’s running the battle like some coldhearted logistics guy thinking about the numbers only. And that’s not how a true leader should be. Or something.

Gaius realizes his army will lose. So he orders Julius to escape, as someone is needed to continue their family name. Gaius knows he’s going to die. He charges to attack Souma’s camp.

Souma is ready to meet him even if he may die. So he tells Carla he’s giving collar ownership to Liscia, and that the throne is hers if he dies. This is stupid, and Carla points that out. She volunteers to go out and fight Gaius in his stead. So he orders her to.

Together, Carla, the puppet, and Ludwin are able to defeat Gaius. Gaius puts up a good fight but ultimately dies. Souma claims that Gaius will be honored for his strong will for years to come.

Elsewhere, Roroa Amidonia cries about the news of her dad’s death.

A little later, Souma sits on the throne at Van. They have taken it over, but the people of Amidonia still resent Elfrieden. That should be expected. Souma predicts the Empire will get involved soon to sanction them. Glaive reports that they have the power to take over all of Amidonia at the moment. But Souma declines this idea.

Souma uses the broadcast stones to put on a new program called Elfrieden News, which is also watched by the people of Van. It’s a strategy to soothe the people of Van and try to encourage peace and acceptance of Elfrieden rule. Aisha is Souma’s cute co-host in a new dress. Juna and some girl named Pamille Carol sing songs to entertain the people. Lastly, they have Amidonia’s Lieutenant General Margarita Wonder sing the Amidonia national anthem.

Souma demonstrates that Amidonia is free to keep its songs and culture, even if the anthem mentions defeating Elfrieden. And that’s how the ep ends… Not much a of cliffhanger, this time.

Supposedly, the manga gets into much more detail than what we see in the ep. So things would make more sense. The end of this isekai feels rushed. Maybe they didn’t have the budget to go 24/25 episodes total. But adapting the light novel to only 13 episodes rushes it so that moments can’t breathe. Well, maybe they’re keeping it open for a second season, but I’m not sure if they’ll get the greenlight.

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