How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom - Episode 13 Review - Souma Is Surprised by Jeanne Euphoria

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom Episode 12, we’ve hit the season finale, folks! And I think it was just okay, nothing earth-shattering.

The ruler of the Gran Chaos Empire and leader of the Mankind Declaration against the demon race is Maria Euphoria. She fostered peace throughout the people’s of the continent and became known as the Saint of the Empire.

Maria discusses with hers sister, Jeanne Euphoria, about the recent defeat of Amidonia by Souma’s Elfriden army. They realise this whole thing was Gaius and Julius’ doing, but they still have to enforce the pact between kingdoms and wish to get back the occupied Van from Elfrieden. Jeanne points out that while Souma seems to be a realist, her sister is an idealist. So they’ll probably be at odds with one another.

Later, Roroa speaks to Colbert among the citizens of Van. With Gaius’ regime gone, it seems the people have their freedom back. This was a strategy by Souma. Even if Julius somehow tried to get back his reign, he would face backlash from the people who are enjoying life much more now.

Hakuya reports to Souma that 50,000 Gran Chaos troops are headed to Van. Souma knew this would happen, but it’s pretty fast. Poncho stops by and announces to Liscia and Souma that he found a good carb, lily root. It will help Van’s foot shortage.

Later, Souma goes undercover to check out the markets of Van with Juna and Tomoe. It’s a semi-date with Tomoe, and she boldly locks arm and arm with Souma. Souma buys some nice clothes for Tomoe since she’s his new little sister. The shop he buys from is coincidentally where Roroa visits. Souma happens to meet Sebastian, owner of the shop and Roroa’s friend. I thought this would lead to Roroa and Souma unexpectedly meeting, but it didn’t.

While Juna, Souman and Tomoe enjoy the peace and sit down, Jeanne unexpectedly shows herself to them. She and her men have infiltrated Van.

Juna and Souma are on guard at first, but Jeanne explains she simply wanted to introduce herself in person. She’s heard some rumors that Souma is gathering up beautiful women and is lascivious. The first part’s actually true! 

Anyways, Jeanne genuinely apologizes to Souma for his summoning into the world. It was a plan by the Gran Chaos Empire to demonstrate to other nations that Elfrieden was in support of the Mankind Declaration, but they didn’t except the summoning would be successful. Souma says it’s okay, he’s actually fine with being summoned.

While Souma gets along with Jeanne, in the end, they’ll still have to meet later to do tough negotiations.

The ep ends with Souma giving gifts to rest of his harem. Lol

Doesn’t seem like a season finale, but that’s it. It’s a split-cour and the second part will come in January, winter 2022!

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