I'm Quitting Heroing - Episode 3 and 4 Review - Leo Has Dinner with Echidna

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Episode 3
Following I'm Quitting Heroing - Episode 2, it seems Leo has his work cut out for him. Shutina wants him to train Lily in Largo, where Lily is taking on a mission to gather supplies for the Demon Army. Neither Shutina or Leo have much faith in Lily, as her plan for completing the mission is just some childish drawings.

They arrive at Largo, and Lily immediately messes around, having the manpower collect food by running a race to get it. It even destroys the marketplace of the local folk. Leo has to apologize for that.

Leo thinks they’re going at a poor rate. He feels if the various races of people were used wisely based on their strengths, the transport back to Queen Echidna’s palace could be done in no time.

Leo tries to lead the underlings himself, but no one listens because he’s a nobody. Then he has an idea to trick Lily into utilizing resources well. He pretends to be deathly ill, and that his only cure are medicinal herbs on the western peaks. He secretly puts several obstacles in Lily’s way in trying to get to those herbs, so that she’s forced to rely on the appropriate manpower available.

But Lily is so determined that in beast form she brute-forces her way through most of the obstacles, and gets lucky in others. So that she never does what Leo intends for her to do.

But the next day, Leo finds out that she has learned from the experience. She isn’t a lost cause, she just needs to be told things straightforward, and she gets it eventually.

Episode 4
Shutina tells Leo that Echidna is summoning Black Onyx Knight (his alter ego). That night, Leo has a dream remembering what looks like his previous life. He was a hero in a modern world, but similarly, humanity did not appreciate or like him.

The next day, Leo goes to Echidna and is somewhat surprised to learn that she wants to thank him with an extravagant feast. This is problematic for Leo because he has to keep up his disguise over the whole meeting.

It starts with him in his helmet as usual but Echidna insists he take it off. She pulls it off, but luckily Leo changes his appearance just a little bit so she doesn’t recognize him. Especially because she’s a bit drunk.

She keeps on drinking. Leo tries to get her so drunk that she wants to end the meeting or pass out, but she’s a heavyweight, so that doesn’t work.

Leo then tells her that he has to wear a helmet because of a curse, he can only take it off a short time. That should help in the future.

Anyways, the talk get serious, and Leo learns that Echidna is fighting humanity to get a powerful item - the Philosopher’s Stone.

She wants to use the stone to remake the demon world into a beautiful one and help her people. Right now, that world is a toxic, chaotic wasteland. Leo admires her for this.

Leo is about to reveal his identity, when Shutina and Lily barge in and say that both Edvard and Mernes have quit!

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