I've Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level - Episode 10 Review - Azusa's Family Meets a Minstrel Named Kuku

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Warning: Spoilers follow.

While shopping in the village, Falfa and Shalsha see a flyer for a touring minstrel named Schifanoia. Azusa and family go to check out her performance.

The style of music is some kind of death metal. Anyone who comes to see the performance is quickly turned off by the music and leaves. Flatorte, a super fan of minstrels, is the only one who seems okay with it. Then Schifanoia faints from exhaustion. That tends to happen when you’re broke and you don’t eat anything.

Azusa and family take her in, where she has a decent meal and a bath. Schifanoia is a cute bunny girl whose real name is Kuku. She’s dreamed of becoming a famous minstrel, but no one likes her music. So she’s thinking of giving up and just working as a hostess or some other sort of shady job. But Azusa motivates her, saying that if she doesn’t see her dream through, she’ll end up regretting it later in life. Azusa even invites her to stay at their place to rest and recover without having to pay rent. Kuku happily accepts.

First things first. Flatorte starts coaching Kuku. She advises her to try a different style of music to get more fans. Kuku pushes back. She questions the advice of Flatorte, who’s only an amateur fan. But right away, Flatorte proves that she is able to play the lute pretty well and perform enjoyable music. She knows what she’s talking about.

Azusa’s bummed out. She doesn’t have confidence in making new kinds of lyrics. So the family works together to inspire her with different lyrics of their own. Falfa and Shalsha had a cute song while Rosalie had a moving dark song. Her death music was more real than Kuku’s death metal, as Rosalie actually knows what it means to die!

After lots of work, Kuku comes up with a great song that the family enjoys. Beelzebub just happened to be visiting when Kuku performs. She likes Kuku’s music and invites her to participate in a big concert festival in Vanzeld with 20,000 people! Kuku nervously accepts.

The family attend the concert and watch Kuku perform. Her song is called “Thank You,” inspired by the kindness Azusa’s family has shown her. The huge crowd of 20,000 people love it!

After the concert, Azusa’s family celebrates. Beelzebub informs Kuku that she has tons of offers to appear and perform now!

Lastly, Flatorte apologizes to Kuku. She encourages Kuku to play the kind of music she loves to be true to herself. The two have really formed a great bond as senpai and student. I loved seeing another side of Flatorte. I felt her character was really developed a lot more through this ep.

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