I've Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level - Episode 9 Review - Azusa and Beelzebub Have a Rematch

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Warning: Spoilers up to the end of Episode 9 follow.

The series hasn’t given major focus to the slimes Falfa and Shalsha since they were first introduced, so this episode was a pleasant treat.

Shalsha runs up to her mom Azusa saying something bad has happened. They run upstairs where Shalsha shows Azusa that Falfa is no longer human - she’s a slime again! She can’t speak with words. How she got this way is a mystery.

The family comes together to try to figure out how to turn her back to normal, but no one knows how. For some reason, turning Falfa back into a human is too specific of a spell for Azusa to do with her create magic. So the group summons Beelzebub hoping she might know. Just like last time, Beelzebub gets summoned into their bathtub filled with cold water. I like that they kept that gag going.

Beelzebub is informed of the situation and recommends that Azusa take Falfa to a slime in the demon realm called the Intelligent Slime, which lives underneath the Vanzeld Castle. After getting lost trying to find it, Provat tells them how to find it. But she extorts a kiss from Azusa for the intel.

Azusa meets Intelligent Slime and calls it TenSura for short. It was a nice obvious nod to That Time I Got Reincarnated As a Slime! Intelligent Slime doesn’t know how to solve Falfa’s problem, so it recommends they go to Magician Slime.

They meet Magician Slime who, shocker, is a cute human girl. She’s able to change to that form temporarily but doesn’t know how Falfa can change back permanently. It turns out Falfa just slept the wrong way, damaging a muscle, making it hard to maintain human form.

She recommends visiting Fighter Slime, yet another slime in human form. And her form is, shocker, a cute girl. Fighter Slime achieved her transformation through body movement, which is probably what Falfa needs.

But the only way to talk to Fighter Slime is by entering the fighting tournament she’s in. So both Azusa and Beelzebub enter. And both are able to make it to the final round easily.

Truth is, Beelzebub wanted another chance to fight Azusa one-on-one, as their first battle was interrupted by Azusa’s barrier. So this was a chance to settle who was stronger. Beezlebub shows off some good moves, but she was still no match for Azusa and lost the fight with one hit to the face.

By this time, Falfa had already been cured by Fighter Slime. Fighter Slime asks to be Azusa’s student but gets turned down. She then asks to be Beelzebub’s student, who hesitantly agrees. Maybe we’ll see Fightie again in the future!

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