I've Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level - Episode 8 Review - Flatorte Runs Around Naked

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Warning: Spoilers up to the end of Episode 8 follow.

The episode starts with Azusa enjoying a peaceful morning when all of a sudden she’s disturbed by the sounds of Laika and Flatorte bickering. The two didn’t get along for years, where their clans were constantly in conflict. It makes sense that there would be difficulties between these two right after Flatorte moved in.

Because both vowed never to fight again, Flatorte and Laika tried to solve their dispute by seeing who baked better cookies. Looking up to Azusa as their master, they asked her to judge. But she said she liked them both. Falfa and Shalsha explain to Azusa that the dragons are moody because they haven’t had raw meat in a long time.

Just then, Natalie from the Adventurer’s Guild appears. She’s come to request that Azusa kill a bunch of longhammer boars in the forest. The boars gives up meat as loot, not magic stones. That means the problem has solved itself!

So Azusa, Rosalie, Laika and Flatorte head into the forest. Halkara stays at home since she’d probably just trip in the forest. But Flatorte ends up getting tangled up in branches, as she was too overzealous to find the boars. Flatorte feels clothes are the problem. She’s not used to wearing any. So she strips down completely and runs ahead in her birthday suit! She’s spotted by someone and runs back to Azusa with her tail between her legs, literally, embarrassed! This was pretty funny.

But then Flatorte takes off again in just her undies! Azusa and Laika catch up to find Flatorte being bullied by boars. They steal her pantsu off of her. The three girls jump in to help, and they beat the crap out of the boars. Rewarding them with delicious meat.

Beelzebub and Vania stop by the scene with Flatorte’s clothes, which had floated down the river earlier. Turns out they just happened to be the girls who spotted Flatorte naked the first time around. Now Flatorte and Laika have the meat they desired, and Flatorte can dress up again. A happy ending.

Back home, Laika and Flatorte confess to Azusa that the winner of the contest was supposed to sleep beside Azusa in bed. Azusa allows them both to, like they were her little sisters. But in the middle of the night, Azusa catches the two dragons snacking on more meat! Those two sure are carnivorous!

In the rest of the ep, Azusa and Laika hunt down some stranger who claims to be the Witch of the Highlands. The culprit is a cute witch named Eno. She didn’t mean any harm, just wanted some attention and praise. Azusa comes up with the idea for Eno to open a stall in the market to sell her medicine, and everyone loves it! I liked how the market was like Comiket.

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