I've Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level - Episode7 Review - Azusa Becomes Flatorte's Master

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Warning: Spoilers up to the end of Episode 7 follow.

The situation looks pretty grim. At least as grim as it can look in such a lighthearted slice of life isekai anime. 

Halkara is in jail, sentenced to be executed by demons for accidentally knocking out Provat Pecora, the Demon King. Azusa and the rest of the family have also been detained on suspicion of corroboration.

Azusa works fast. She concocts a gross-tasting drink to wake up Provat, thanks to Laika being able to shrink to a tiny cute dragon and flying out to get the plants necessary. But escaping from their quarters and making it to the well-guarded Provat lying in her bed is the problem.

Following Beelezebub’s orders, the dorky Vania assists Azusa in the tasks. First, she has Azusa wear a demon disguise, which is just a pair of horns and a tail. The two make it into Provat’s throne room but they’re immediately questioned by Provat’s sorcerers and counselors. They see through Azusa’s disguise right away! Since the jig is up, Azusa goes into combat mode. Dispatching all the guards and sorcerers is a breeze for her. As expected from the Witch of the Highlands.

With everyone out of the way, Azusa is able to enter the Demon King’s chambers and try giving her the drink. But Provat wakes up before she can do so. Provat says the drink looks like poison and Azusa denies that. So to prove that Azusa isn’t trying to kill her, Provat proposes a duel. If Azusa wins and still doesn’t want to kill her, that proves Azusa wasn’t lying. This is anime logic right here - whatever gets us a cool fight scene!

The two fight. Provat’s pretty tough, but still no match for the level 99 Azusa. Azusa destroys Provat’s sword, ending the battle. But Azusa was just playing into Provat’s hands. The truth is she wanted an older sister who was more powerful than her to look up to. As she was tired of her people denigrating themselves for her.

Provat almost gets a kiss out of Azusa, but it’s interrupted by Halkara’s entrance. Instead we get some fan service in the form of kisses between Azusa and her daughters.

Provat’s not done scheming, though. At the award ceremony, she surprises Laika by having Flatorte attend. As a sign that the Blue Dragons will no longer attack the Red Dragons, Flatorte must allow Azusa to touch her horns.

Welps, Azusa later discovers that this action is a tradition in her culture - it means Flatorte must now serve Azusa as her master!

So Flatorte becomes the newest resident in their household. And I think that’s everyone who’s going to join in this series. Sure are a lot of cute girls in one interesting house now! Not a man in sight!

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