I've Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level - Episode 6 Review - Azusa Creates a Dress for Rosalie

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Warning: Spoilers up to the end of Episode 6 follow.

The episode starts with Beelzebub visiting Azusa’s home. She announces that Azusa is being awarded the Demon Medal of Honor for ending the conflict between Red Dragons and Blue Dragons. 
This award is bestowed on someone who brings hope to the world that many demons love. Azusa is quite modest about that achievement, but her whole family feels it’s an awesome thing. So she decides to accept it, and Azusa’s whole family is welcome to attend!

The award is to be given to Azusa at a formal ceremony. Everyone plans to wear a nice dress, but it turns out that Rosalie can’t change her clothes because she’s a ghost. She can’t even touch clothes. The clothes she’s currently remembering is simply something she has a strong mental image of from the time she used to be alive.

It seems impossible to change Rosalie’s attire, but Azusa doesn’t give up! She’s capable of Create Magic, meaning she can invent spells. While Azusa researches and crafts the spell, Rosalie does her best to imagine wearing the real dress that she’s seen. The spell works, everyone comments on how beautiful she looks in it!

Soon after, Beelzebub comes to pick up the family. The journey to the Demon Realm includes a lengthy ride on a Leviathan! It’s a massive whale-looking demon that can fly. It’s so enormous that a mansion is situated on its back!

The girls enter the mansion and meet a new babe - Vania the Leviathan in human form. She’s slacking in the bath and Beelzebub scolds her.

Later on, the gang is treated to a feast made of the most exquisite ingredients. Beelzebub says the ingredients are 1,000 times more expensive than the ones Laika usually uses. The food and the Leviathan ride exemplify just how big a deal this honor is.

That night while everyone sleeps, Halkara and Rosalie have a chat alone outside enjoying the view. Rosalie has been cooped up for hundreds of years, and never imagined she would see such a sight. She’s truly grateful to be a part of Azusa’s family now.

The next day, the group arrives at the Demon Castle Town of Vanzeld. Beelzebub suddenly drops the fact that they have to meet the Demon King who will be bestowing the award. Everyone’s pretty scared of this, but Beelzebub says not to worry.

The group finally meets the Demon King, and shocker, it’s another cute girl! She’s little, too. Halkara actually didn’t know she was the Demon King at first. After saying some embarrassing things, she bows down on her hands and knees and apologizes to the Demon King.

The Demon King assures Halkara everything is fine and tells her to get up. But the moment Halkara gets up, she accidentally hits the Demon King with the back of her head. The force is so strong, it knocks out the Demon King. And because of this Halkara is jailed and sentenced to execution!

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