I've Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level - Episode 5 Review - Rosalie Takes Over Halkara's Body

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Warning: Spoilers up to the end of Episode 5 follow.

The ep starts with clues that insinuate Halkara may be moving out of the house. We just saw this kind of misunderstanding with Laika in the previous ep, so I highly doubted that was the case. And sure enough, it was not. The gang throws her a surprise going away party, but it turns out Halkara is just looking for a new factory for her Nutri-spirit production.

Time skips forward a little, and Halkara is exhausted from working non-stop at her new factory. She explains to the gang that there’s a ghost in her factory, and none of the locals want to work there. She begs Azusa for help, but Azusa’s a scaredy cat when it comes to ghosts, too. So Azusa gets the bright idea to summon to their home to assist in the problem. They use a summoning circle to get her to their location, but the pronunciation was off a bit and she’s summoned into the bathtub filled with freezing cold water.

That night, Beelzebub, Azusa and Halkara check out the factory. Beelzebub isn’t the least bit afraid. Azusa and Halkara, however, are such scaredy cats they need to hold hands. They catch the ghost pretty easily. Her name is Rosalie. She’s a cute girl who committed suicide after her rotten parents betrayed her. Leave it to this anime to make suicide a silly afterthought. Anyways, over hundreds of years, her ladylike manners have deteriorated and she moves around like a tomboy.

Azusa invites her to leave the factory and join them in their big house. But Rosalie can’t leave, due to the fact that she’s bound to the factory - it’s the location where she died. There is a workaround, though. If she inhabits a living person’s body, she can leave. The living person has to be weak-willed and easy to control, so of course they pick on- I mean, pick Halkara. 

It works but it works too well. Rosalie’s trapped inside and can’t get out. And if she stays too long, Halkara could die! The gang tries everything to get her out - shaking her, startling her, and even exorcising her. Nothing works. Finally, they use some alcohol to knock Rosalie out, letting Halkara’s spirit come back into control of the body. After that, they’re able to push Rosalie out by using the freezing cold bathwater, an idea from Beelzebub!

With Rosalie out, she now helps around using her ghost abilities to keep things clean. The townspeople love her for it!

This was a lighthearted ep. I mean, they all are. But I really enjoyed the gags this time and getting to know the new character. I think there’s just one girl left to add to the cast.

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