I've Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level - Episode 4 Review - Laika's Family and the Introduction of Flatorte

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Holy smokes! This episode had the most action yet. It had more action than I ever expected a slice of life isekai like this to have.

It all starts with Laika having a fond memory of her big sister. Then at breakfast, Laika announces that she has to go back to her homeland. This echoes how the previous episode ended. Azusa freaks out at the thought of her student leaving forever, but Laika explains it’s just a short visit for her older sister’s wedding. Then Laika invites Azusa, Shalsha, Falfa, and Halkara to join her!

So the whole gang rides on Laika’s back in her dragon form. They get to the first wedding event and we see tons of red dragons just like Laika. I think the funniest part of the ep is when one of the dragons picks up Halkara and almost eats her because she steps onto one of their meal plates.

Azusa is introduced to Laika’s older sister and the groom, as well as Laika’s parents. Everything seems to be going great, when suddenly the wedding is crashed by a group of blue dragons! Blue dragons are always at odds with the red dragons. A dragon named Flatorte is leading them. She wants to ruin the wedding because she thinks it’s rude that Laika’s sister is getting married before turning 300, while she herself has not yet gotten married at over 400 years old. 

The blue dragons have ice breath and freeze a number of the dragons. The red dragons try to fight back but are outnumbered. Initially, Azusa does not take part in the fight because she’s an outsider and doesn’t feel it’s her place. But one of the blue dragons threatens her family. She responds by kicking ass! With her in the fight, the blue dragons are easily defeated.

A segment of the blue dragons also attack the nearby tourist spot in the volcano. Laika and Azusa head there to stop them. But their protection wasn’t needed this time. Coincidentally, Beelzebub was at the volcano to enjoy the hot springs. She used her magic to weaken and subdue all of the cocky blue dragons. Azusa thanks Beelezebub and showers her with hugs, much to the demon’s dismay.

With Flatorte subdued, Azusa has her change to human form. They work out a negotiation - Flatorte and the blue dragons can never harass the red dragons again! And have to pay for damages.

The wedding party, where everyone changes to human form, is a ton of fun. Halkara drinks too much. Laika and her older sister share some sweet words, and then Laika rests on Azusa’s lap for a bit just as she used to do with her older sister. Then the gang joins Beelzebub in enjoying the hot springs!

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