I've Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level - Episode 3 Review - Azusa Meets Halkara and Beelzebub

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Warning: Spoilers up to the end of Episode 3 follow.

We’re treated to more fan service in this episode than I ever expected this isekai series to have. As Azusa’s new family enjoy a peaceful evening at home, an elf from Hrant comes to her door. Her name is Halkara, and she’s a high-level apothecary that makes a successful line of alcoholic energy drinks called Nutri-Spirit. Unfortunately, a demon named Beelzebub took the drink and fell ill. Now Beelzebub is hunting Halkara for revenge, and Halkara’s own town abandoned her in her time of need. That’s why Halkara has come to the Witch of the Highlands for protection.

Falfa and Shalsha plead for Azusa to take in Halkara. Azusa doesn’t like to be bothered, but she gives in. Her first idea is to take on Halkara as an apprentice and disguise herself in an apprentice outfit. But it’s so small and tight on Halkara’s well-developed body that it reveals even more of her boin-boin assets! Gotta love it. So Halkara goes back to her traditional outfit.

The next day, Azusa puts a magic barrier around her home to protect it from Beelzebub getting in. Then Halkara and Azusa go out into the forest to pick up plants. Halkara specializes in mushrooms and picks several kinds, teaching Azusa a bit along the way.

The two cook some mushrooms over a fire and Halkara uses elf sauce that ends up being the same as soy sauce. So of course it’s delicious. Halkara’s a bit of an airhead and accidentally eats a poison mushroom, even though she’s an expert on the subject. The mushroom is an aphrodisiac, and Halkara approaches Azusa with a lustful stare. But Azusa’s quick to react and removes the effect with her magic.

The next day, Azusa and Halkara go into town to visit the adventurer’s guild as usual. They find out a large bounty has been placed by the demons to find Halkara. This means Beelzebub is bound to be there soon. So Laika temporarily takes the girls to town for safety.

But in actuality, Beelzebub has been in the house ever since Halkara first arrived. She’s been in the form of a house fly! She waited until now to confirm it was really Halkara!

Azusa jumps into protection mode and challenges Beelzebub to a fair fight outside. As they begin, Beelzebub accidentally touches the barrier and gets really sick. Azusa and Halkara take her to bed and Azusa heals her with magic. Beelzebub finally recovers and explains she’s not hunting Halkara out of revenge. She originally fell ill just because she worked too hard, not because of the energy drink. She just wants more energy drink. Looks like Halkara misunderstood, but she’s an airhead so that makes sense.

Now Halkara joins Azusa’s home, and Beelzebub plans to visit often!

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