I've Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level - Episode 11 Review - Azusa Has an Adventure with Vania and Fatla

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Warning: Spoilers follow.

Another week, another adorable and lighthearted episode of this isekai anime. Starts off with a mushroom dinner cooked up by Halkara, so right away, you know something bad is going to happen. Azusa is dubious, but Halkara assures her the food is safe. Turns out a certain mushroom was not safe. Eating it shrinks Azusa to the size of a child.

The family immediately takes advantage of the misfortune. Flatorte picks Azusa up to try to make her smile. She also gets into a petting match with Laika to see who can pet Azusa more gently. Meanwhile, Shalsha and Falfa read Azusa a book to help her fall asleep like a baby. And Rosalie combs her hair like a doll, the way she used to play with her dolls as a child.

Halkara comes back to Azusa after researching a way to cure her. She apologizes profusely after finding nothing that will help! So Azusa has no choice but to summon Beelzebub to see if demons know a way. It looks like the family is prepared for her bathtub arrival this time because she teleports into warm water and enjoys it.

Upon seeing the tiny Azusa, Beelzebub also delights with how adorable she is. They take a trip to the demon realm on a leviathan, where Beelzebub gets to cuddle with Azusa, Falfa, and Shalsha as they sleep overnight. The event is like heaven for her.

After arriving at Vanzeld, Pecora suggests that Azusa go to a pharmacist who has every possible cure. The pharmacist works in a shop on the 108th floor of the World Tree! Vania and Fatla join Azusa on this seemingly perilous journey.

The first floors of the World Tree aren’t dangerous at all. They’re a tourist trap filled with families! The hardest part of the World Tree ends up being all the money it sucks up. Even monsters living in the tree have been tamed for tourists to play with.

But as you go higher up the tree, it starts looking more like a real dungeon crawl, filled with monsters to fight and mazes to get through. The entire experience makes Vania and Fatla reminisce about the past when they visited the tree as a family. It’s a touching moment

They finally get to the top of the tree to the pharmacist. She sells the medicine they need, but they find out that Eno, from earlier in the series, comes to the pharmacy to sell her medicine all the time! And she uses a wyvern to fly straight to top, allowing her to skip through all the floor challenges! The whole thing was a prank by that mischievous Pecora!

Back in Vanzeld, Azusa takes the medicine with her whole family there. Azusa needs a bath after the ordeal, so they all take a bath together. It also gives her a chance to scold Pecora. But after she apologizes, Pecora takes the chance to try to fondle Azusa’s breasts! All’s well that ends well.

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