I've Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level - Episode 12 Review - Azusa's Family Opens the Witch's Coffee House

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

The last episode of this isekai was filled with fan service, but of course it was the cute kind.

Azusa’s family notices a festival is coming soon in Flatta village. Shalsha explains it’s a festival to dance. Laika asks if Azusa usually participates, but Azusa says she doesn’t really. She prefers to not take the spotlight. But now that she has a big family, she decides it would be fun to change it up and join in the fun this year. Realizing her family has great talents and skills for hospitality, her plan is to open up a Witch’s Coffee House!

They never actually call it a maid cafe, but that’s exactly what it is. They all dress up in cute maid outfits. The first time they try on their new outfits, Halkara’s boobs prove to be too big for her top, exposing them a bit. Unfortunately, Azusa forces her to button up. For some reason, Laika is considered the most god tier of all in her outfit. Mostly because she’s embarrassed about it. Already so much fan service in this ep, and more happens throughout.

When planning the menu, everyone, including Flatorte and Laika, come up with food and drink ideas that don’t quite fit. So Azusa takes over the selection.

Then the day of the festival arrives. Azusa wakes up to find a long line of people waiting to get in! The Coffee House is far more popular than she expected. They open early to meet demand and it’s busy throughout the entire day.

Everyone adds their unique talents. Flatorte tries to show off by balancing dishes. They fall but Rosalie catches them with her powers.

Things are so busy that it’s good some unexpected (yeah, right) visitors come to help - it’s Beelzebub, Fatla and Vania! Beelzebub dresses up like a maid and is a natural at service. The Leviathan twins work in the back making incredible food that everyone wants. Even Pecora comes and dresses up as a maid that’s super cute.

But that’s not all. Friends that the family made throughout the season show up to join Witch’s Coffee House - there’s Kuku who performs with Flatorte. Eno who offers free samples. Even Fighter Slime comes to bug her master Beelzebub to spar!

In the end, Azusa is grateful. She enjoyed the quiet days she had for 300 years, but admits that the hectic moments with a family now are more fun. I have to agree, it was a fun season! Very wholesome.

The family talks about how they’ll dance at the festival. But unfortunately we don’t get to see them actually go to the festival. Maybe the budget at the end made it hard to animate that. Still, they did much better with their budget on this isekai than *Kumo Desu Ka*.

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