Jujutsu Kaisen - Episode 11 Recap

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At the end of Jujutsu Kaisen episode 10, Nanami had taken his energy up a notch in a 1-on-1 with Mahito while Itadori and Yoshino linked up to have a friendly chat. Nanami’s fight continues in this episode. His impressive technique gives Mahito a run for his money, destroying large chunks of the environment around them to use as projectiles against the curse. Injured, Nanami admits that he has to retreat from the battle, but only does so after ensuring a ton of debris crushes Mahito, immobilizing him. Mahito is able to squirm out the debris in the shape of a worm unharmed, but Nanami is long gone by that point. Instead of being angered, Mahito is interested in what he learned about Nanami and his own abilities.

While those two duke it out, Yoshino is pondering whether he should trust Itadori after meeting him for the first time. Itadori seems genuine and friendly, so it’s hard for Yoshino to shut him out. Especially when Itadori is able to talk shop about horror movies with him. From afar, Geto secretly notices the two of them getting along well.

Not long after, Yoshino’s mom spots Yoshino and Itadori chatting. Happy to see Yoshino with a new friend, she invites Itadori over to have dinner with them. Itadori ends up going to Yoshino’s home and the three have a fun time eating and joking around. After Yoshino’s mom passes out from drinking too much, Yoshino and Itadori have a serious chat. Yoshino asks Itadori if he is ready to take the lives of bad sorcerers, as a good sorcerer. Itadori replies that he doesn’t want to, that it would taint the way he views human life. At that moment, Yoshino feels conflicted between what Mahito has taught him about taking lives not long ago and what Itadori says.

But that changes super quick when Yoshino’s mom is murdered by a cursed spirit that night! 

Itadori wants to help Nanami investigate the murder, insisting he doesn’t want Nanami to die next. But Nanami refuses to let him, as Itadori might need to kill transformed humans in this case if he does help. He instead orders Itadori to keep a lookout for Yoshino.

Yoshino found a Sukuna finger where his mom’s body was. Although it was planted by Geto to move this chain of events along, Mahito tricked Yoshino, hinting the finger came from a rich person who hated him. Yoshino’s rage and vengeance quickly turned to Itou Shouta, the classmate who always bullied Yoshino.

At school, with the help of Mahito, Yoshino attacks Shouta with cursed energy. Itadori arrives at the scene just in time to stop Yoshino! But if Itadori has to unleash Sukuna in a fight, he may just be playing right into the hands of Geto and Mahito…

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