Jujutsu Kaisen - Episode 12 Recap

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Picking up from the previous episode, Itadori races to help Yoshino at his school even though Nanami forbade him to go and Ijichi tries to stop him. Yoshino was about to kill his bully (maybe he was successful?) when Itadori rushes in and the two begin brawling. Itadori is able to hold his own against Yoshino, who has become a tough jellyfish shikigami user thanks to the help of Mahito.

Although the jellyfish is poisonous, it seems to have no effect on Itadori for some reason. Yoshino yells that lives are fine to take since hearts and souls are meaningless machines while Itadori pleads with him not to throw away his life. Finally, Yoshino stops fighting and it looks like Itadori has gotten through to him somewhat. Itadori offers him to join Jujutsu Tech to hunt down the one who cursed his mother, but Mahito buts in and ruins the talk.

Mahito attacks Itadori first. Yoshino tells him not to, but it’s too late. Mahito then cruelly turns on Yoshino and changes the shape of his soul, turning him into one of his curse-looking creatures. Itadori calls on Sukuna to take over and heal Yoshino. He offers up anything he can give, begging Sukuna to do so. But to Mahito’s and Itadori’s surprise, the curse refuses to come out.

Both Mahito and Sukuna laugh at Itadori, looking down on him. Yoshino dies, and Mahito mentions it’s probably because he changed the shape of his soul roughly. This triggers Itadori. He vows to kill Mahito, no matter what. Itadori lands a clear punch to Mahito’s face with his technique, and it actually makes Mahito bleed. This is because Itadori houses Sukuna, and Mahito can not get a beat on Sukuna’s overwhelming soul shape.

The two seem evenly matched at this point. Both throw several blows, with Mahito changing the shape of his arms into dangerous weapons. He stabs Itadori through his hands and body, but Itadori’s rage keeps him going. Itadori lands several crushing blows on Mahito, injuring the curse’s soul each time. At one point, Mahito even touches Sukuna’s soul. He comes into contact with Sukuna, a move Sukuna detests but allows once. Mahito seems intimidated by Sukuna.

Finally, it seems Mahito will land a deadly blow on Itadori, but Nanami steps in and defends Itadori at the last second. Nanami gets briefed on the situation, and the two prepare to tag-team against Mahito to exorcise the bastard once and for all!

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