“Laid-Back Camp” The recreation of Nadeshiko’s bag (Season 2 Ver.) has been announced! The re-sale of Rin’s side bag has started

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From the TV anime "Laid-Back Camp" comes the newly release "Nadeshiko's Bag Season 2 Ver." based on the season 2 specifications under the series that recreates the item used by the character from the anime faithfully. At the same time, the re-sale of the sold-out "Rin's Side Bag ver. 2" has started.

"Nadeshiko's Bag Season 2 Ver." is a faithful recreation of the bag that was used by Nadeshiko in season 2 of the TV anime.

The bag is made out of light polyester that has undergone water-repellant processing with the functions just like any other bag. Even the "Nadeshiko's bag carrying method" can be recreated with this product.

The season 2 specification has a smaller design than the season 1 specification, and it is a size that is suitable for school and work. Due to the change of main materials, it is lighter than the previous product, and mesh materials were used on the back as well.

Also, the season 1 specification of "Nadeshiko's Bag" is available in the store now.

As "Nadeshiko's Bag (Season 1's Specification)" is created to be used outdoor, it is made out of thick and tough cotton. The interior of the bag consists of pocket space for PC, as well as convenient pockets to store various small objects.

"Rin's Side Bag ver. 2" is a faithful recreation of the side bag for a bike that Shima Rin used in the anime.

While remaining the functions of the ver. 1 of this popular side bag, the main material is changed to the "CORDURA® Fabric" that is waterproof and has wear resistance. For the original specification, it comes with a shoulder belt making it possible to be used on the bike with a single bag. This bag is not only suitable to be used for camping and touring, but it can even be used for school and work.

"Nadeshiko's Bag Season 2 Ver." is priced at 7,700 JPY (tax included), and it will be released at the end of October 2021.

"Rin's Side Bag ver. 2" is priced at 21,560 JPY (tax included), and it will be released at the end of September 2021

"Nadeshiko's Bag (Season 1 Specification)" is priced at 15,180 JPY (tax included), and it is currently available.

(C) Afro, Houbunsha/ Outdoor Activities Committee

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