Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid S - Episode 11 Review - Kobayashi Learns Why Tohru Came to Her World

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid S Episode 10, this episode is much more serious than the previous one. Or most of the ones this season.

It’s starts off with a lighthearted tale. Or tail. Get it? You will later.

Kobayashi’s back is hurting. Immediately, Tohru offers a piece of her tail cooked to heal her. Immediately, Kobayashi says no. It’s a running gag.

Kobayashi goes shopping for massage tools and ends up buying way too many. Ilulu makes her hands into balls and gives Kobayashi a massage but her boobs get in the way. Kanna gives a bit of a massage, too. Tohru wants to help but doesn’t know what she should do.

So Tohru has dinner with Elma and Takiya since they both work with Kobayashi. Takiya tells some old folklore that Tohru shouldn’t feed food from the dragon world to Kobayashi, because she might get drawn into it or something. So Tohru learns it’s best not to force her meat on Kobayashi, and respect what she actually wants.

In the end, Tohru lets Kobayashi rest on her tail, which she can make vibrate like a vibrating chair.

In the next story, Kobayashi realizes that dragon writing is similar to the programming code they use at work. She finds out from Shouta’s father, her boss, that the programming code is something made by mages like him. 

At this time, Tohru’s father, Emperor of Demise, happens to be visiting Shouta’s father, as they’ve been friends forever. Tohru is actually named after a Japanese author. Shouta’s father was able to get the author’s book from the future and sell it to dragons.

Tohru’s father shares some backstory about the dragons. They were at war with gods for a long time. Eventually some dragons grew tired of the war and left it, forming the Harmony Faction and the Spectator Faction. The Harmony dragons started working with humans, so the Chaos Faction started saying humans are evil and should be destroyed.

We see tiny baby Tohru, which is the most adorable thing ever. Emperor of Demise didn’t want to burden Tohru with the influence of his position as a Chaos dragon or the mindset of the Chaos faction. He wanted her to be free to develop on her own and make up her own mind.

So she traveled the world looking part human to learn things. She met with other dragons and learned their philosophies and desires. 

Lucoa didn’t want to fight. Kanna just wanted to have fun and get attention. Fafnir said Tohru should do whatever she wants even if it means killing her own parents.

Finally, Tohru went to fight the gods alone. She hoped to end the war and stop the fighting. But she was injured. 

She was free of her obligations and connections to other dragons, but she was also very lonely and didn’t find purpose for living.

Luckily, she meets Kobayashi. And learns her purpose is being her maid!

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