Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid S - Episode 12 Review - Is Kobayashi Worthy of Tohru's Love?

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Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Following Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid S Episode 11, we finally reach the end of this amazing season. Noooo!

This ep proves to be another perfect mix of emotional moments and humor. Kyoto Animation really did such a fantastic job.

It begins with Tohru making breakfast and everyone eating. The topic of discussion is a summer festival coming up, which is a new thing for Ilulu and Kanna. Probably for Tohru, too.

At work, Kobayashi muses how she’s gotten quite close to Tohru. Her relationship has gotten more serious with her. After work, she runs into Tohru helping the shopping district people decorate for the matsuri. Again, Kobayashi muses about Tohru - how she’s gotten close to humans, being someone they can depend on. 

Multiple times in the ep, Kobayashi wonders if she’s really worthy of the love of such an incredible dragon being.

Later, Kanna, Ilulu, Tohru and Kobayashi go shopping for yukatas. Well, Kobayashi doesn’t get one for herself, but the other three girls all seek Kobayashi’s opinion on their choices. She makes them blush, it’s a cute moment.

The festival comes. Kobayashi is busy helping the maid cafe stall. The rest of the girls meet up with Elma who of course only cares about all the delicious festival food. Saikawa meets up with them, and she and Kanna go off to play games together. Take meets up and pairs off with Ilulu. Lucoa joins Kobayashi and Elma, along with Shouta.

Elsewhere, Ilulu confesses to Take that Kobayashi enticed her to stick around by saying she can act like a kid again. Take feels her mature side still comes out, but says she can be a kid with him too. And Ilulu teases him with the idea of making him an adult, and with her oppai.

Finally, Tohru gets off work and puts on her yukata. Kobayashi meets up with her and the two walk around together. That’s when Kobayashi lets Tohru know what she’s been musing about. Wondering if she’s really worthy of someone great like Tohru.

But Tohru says Kobayashi helped her grow to not see things just in physical superiority, as a dragon would. To be comfortable with just being herself. She feels saved by Kobayashi. 

In the next story, Lucoa invites Tohru and Kobayashi to enjoy cherry blossom viewing, which is not possible in the summer. But Lucoa’s friend can make the blossoms out of her flesh. Weird, but I’ll allow it.

Everyone comes to enjoy the picnic. Fafnir, Takiya and Shouta enjoy gaming. Elma strips down to show a weird face on her belly, as entertainment. They have an amusing arm wrestling contest, and Tohru barely beats Lucoa because Lucoa gets distracted by Shouta.

In the end, Tohru surprises everyone by saying she’ll hold Kobayashi and her wedding right there and then! And magically puts on wedding dresses on herself and Kobayashi! Kobayashi gets embarrassed and runs away, starting a fun chase with everyone! Lovely ending.

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