Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation - Episode 8 Review - Kishirika, Perugius, and Other Characters Introduced

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Warning: Spoilers up to the end of Episode 8 follow. 

The episode takes place a couple years after the end of the previous episode. Rudeus is about to turn ten years old, a milestone, and the Boreas Greyrat family is gearing up to surprise him with a birthday party. 

Through some narration, we learn a little about the political background regarding the Greyrats. There are four main houses of the family. Rudeus is from the Notos branch, which is the blacksheep branch. Rudeus’ father, Paul, is brother to a man who is the head of the family, and he's even scummier than Paul. There are secretive talks by the Greyrats to get rid of this scummy guy, but that’s a problem that will be explored in the future. It doesn’t cause major conflict in the plot just yet. 

A Notos member like Rudeus being taken care of by the Boreas family wouldn’t look good, explaining why Rudeus’ presence is kept secret. This surprise celebration is supposed to be a way to cheer him up.

Rudeus’ birthday party was quite amusing to me. We get a nice lewd moment with Ghislaine who has no problems dropping her pants for Rudy. Old man Sauros causes a scene because he’s grown to care about Rudy. And most surprisingly, Hilda causes a scene in the same way! This is after she gives Rudeus a big hug and smothers him between her giant boobs. She’s always been cold and distant to Rudy, so why the love now? Philip explains to Rudeus that her own two sons, Eris’ brothers, were taken to live in the household of the head of the family, Philip’s brother. So she’s resented another boy living in her home, but apparently Rudeus has grown on Hilda quite a bit. Even offering her daughter Eris to marry Rudeus! Then Rudeus is gifted the super expensive and powerful staff, Aqua Heartia.

Later, Eris offered to sleep in bed with Rudeus for his birthday. She allowed a little ecchi touching by Rudy, which was honestly too much for their ages, but ended up kicking him and running away again. Still, she’s definitely grown quite fond of Rudeus. And even promises they can go all the way when he turns 15!

We briefly see an older Sylphie, Norn, and Aisha back in Rudeus’ home. Monsters are attacking more for an unknown reason. 

And something crazy magical happens in the sky, connected to that glowing red sphere. It’s noticed far and wide. Roxy notices it. And new characters, who look and sound quite powerful, also take notice. There's a grey-haired guy who isn’t fazed at all by dragons and dragon fire. Kishirika Kishirisu, a loli in S&M gear who says she’s the Great Demon Emperor. Perugius, the legendary hero. And Almanfi, Perugius’s servant, who at first suspects Rudeus is the reason for the crazy magic and attacks him! Right after, the magic transforms into a beam of light, swallowing up Rudeus, Eris, and Ghislaine!

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