Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation - Episode 9 Review - Rudeus and Eris Get Help from Ruijerd and Roxy's Family

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Warning: Spoilers up to the end of Episode 9 follow.

The episode begins right where the previous episode left off, but it’s certainly not how I expected. Rudeus is in his old form from his previous life, naked, in what looks like a foggy area. He thinks he’s dead again or returned to his old NEET life. A being appears in front of him and tells him that’s not the case. The mysterious being is a form all in white without a face, and says he’s the “Man-God” of lore. He’s been entertained by watching Rudeus and advises him to trust and help the man he meets when he wakes up.

Rudeus wakes up. He and Eris were transported to the Demon Continent after that beam hit them in the previous episode. A kind Superd demon named Ruijerd saved Rudeus and Eris after they fell from the sky. At first Rudeus is scared of meeting him. After all, he’s been told his whole life that Superd demons eat you if you’re bad. But then he remembers what Man-God told him. So, he’s polite and thankful to Ruijerd for saving his life. Eris, on the other hand, wakes soon after Rudy does and is completely terrified by Ruijerd. I found it to be a cute and funny situation. With a little help from Rudeus, she eventually calmed down and became friends with Ruijerd overnight. Ghislaine unfortunately did not land with them, and her whereabouts are currently unknown.

Ruijerd promises to escort the two back to their home on the Central Continent. They spend all day walking on foot and eventually come to a village belonging to the Migurd race of demons. That’s Roxy’s race. And the world gets even smaller, when we find out that the gatekeeper to the village is Rowin, Roxy’s father! He looks really young, but apparently Migurdians live for 200 years. And Roxy is already 44! At first, Rowin doesn’t trust newcomers Eris and Rudy. But because of Rudeus’ necklace, he discovers Rudeus is his daughter’s student. And news of Roxy is welcome.

The village chief, Rokkus, comes to greet them and discuss plans. He questions how Ruijerd will be able to help Rudeus, as Superdians are not allowed in cities. We then learn from Ruijerd that the horrible reputation that Superdians have is thanks to Laplace’s trickery 400 years ago. Laplace united the demons, and gave the Superd new spears to fight against humans. The spears were ultra powerful, but affected the users mentally. They savagely killed friend and foe alike, including their own family members. Now no one in the world trusts the Superd race, and Ruijerd’s goal is to change that by being kind. Rudeus feels for Ruijerd and vows to do what he can to help him.

The trio leave the village. Rowin and Roxy’s mother, Rokari, gift Rudeus with a sword. Now Eris has a weapon!

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